Monday, March 25, 2013

So Grateful...

We all have days and weeks and sometimes months of wanting more,
 don't feel like we measure up, want a new car or house or just 
go on a vacation with our kids.

But truly, it's not really about that....that's not what any of us really need.

Besides of course having Christ in our life, that will always be number one,
the second greatest thing you can show your kids is love.

Love your kids so much that they don't realize that you're broke, lonely, scared, 
depressed, ashamed, weak, unhappy, or fill in the blank.

My parents did a great job of that.

Me and my little my church shoes

Sure we had noodles, tomatoes and hamburger casserole once a week 
because it was cheap but I thought it was wonderful!

We only ever put $5 worth of gas in the car and ran out more times than
I can count but I thought everyone else did too.

When my Dad brought home a 1920 Volvo, or the Scotch Lumber truck that they had worn out,
or a purple toyota that backfired every time you shifted gears I thought yipee, a second vehicle.

When my sister and I took turns wearing the one "new" outfit......well I'm not gonna lie there was
a lot of fighting over that one..

I thought everyone went on vacation only to see and stay with other relatives.

Me and my cousin at the beach where she lived

I thought everyone spent their weekends playing with cousins in the yard.

I didn't think anyone bought snacks or coke and kept them in the house....the left over biscuits
from breakfast was on the stove all day to "snack" on.

Surely everyone had home made dresses to get their school photo made in.

I was sure two pair of shoes were plenty.....your church shoes and your school shoes.

I'll never forget my doll that talked or Vicki's ballerina doll that danced when you pushed her
crown until I broke her leg off.....I'll never forget because we only got one and played with
them for years.

I thought everyone cut "paper dolls" out of the Sears catalog and old shoe boxes to make
their houses.

I thought how cool it was when we first bought that trailer and it was decorated in Spanish 
style with black furniture and red curtains with black fringe and red and black carpet.

You see....the point is....I didn't know that some people would think we didn't "measure" up...
I was proud of my life and my family, but I was not too proud to think I was any better than any one else.
I thought everyone struggled with money.  All I knew was that my family loved me.

A favorite picture of my brother and I

I'm so very grateful for that.


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My Maine Blog said...

Wow Lisa...what you wrote today made me cry and reminded me to be grateful for so many things. How very lucky you were to have such a loving family growing up, some of us did not and I guess I still hurt today because I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I guess that's why when I had my own children I smothered em' with love and affection. I never wanted them to feel the way I did growing up. I never got the hugs and kisses as a child that I wanted so much and to this day I will never,never understand how any parent can withhold love from their children. There is nothing more precious than our children and the love we share with them as a family. No matter how little you have in material things it really doesn't matter when you feel loved. You have touched my heart today dear sweet Lisa.

My Maine Blog said...

P.S. Forgot to tell you how cute you were in all of your sweet.

Lisa Tucker said...

My sweet Maine....once again it is you that has touched me. I am so sorry and like you don't understand why some people can't love as they should...especially sweet, innocent children. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a wonderful mother and how lucky your children are. I was blessed and hope to pass down that blessing to my children. I don't believe you can ever love too and hugs to you.....

Jayma said...

Such a sweet post! :)

Have a Beautifully Blessed day~
Jayma |

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Jayma! I love your pretty. Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute photos -- being grateful for family always and forever - lovely family memories - love seeing your family photos..

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you so much "travel"....I so appreciate you leaving a sweet comment....have a great day!

Lynn said...

It’s not gone unnoticed you put the right things first. Lisa. You just put the icing on the cake.

My Maine Blog said...

Hi Sweetie... I wanted to thank you for your kind words on the post that I wrote this afternoon. I decided to take it down ... I guess it's hard for me to put that much information out into the public for everyone to read. I'm not sure I was ready to be so brave. Sometimes I have a difficult time getting words together and making them come out right. I think it's best for me to keep my troubles to myself and work them out on my own. I think it's better to share good news anyway so I will do that instead. You are such a good friend Lisa and thank you so much for your insight and your compassion and your prayers. You have a beautiful heart. So did you show your hubby all those turkeys yet?
: ) Hugs

Holly said...

What a great post! It's pretty much the way I raised my kids, being a single mother, eating a lot of hot dogs and mac and cheese. Roasting marshmallows over a candle. When I talk to my kids about how poor we were, it's funny when they tell me that they never knew. I'm grateful for that too.

Lisa Tucker said...

My sweet Maine....I thought your post was wonderful and honest and we need more people to be that way because it helps other people. But I know what you are saying because I don't put myself out there either. You also have a beautiful heart. Now, the husband almost died when I showed him yours in your backyard....:)))))

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Lisa, the way you were brought up makes a better person, one who doesn't need every material thing, and knows the value of family over money.

My husband and I were both brought up in households with very little money..we thought too that everyone was like that.

It wasn't a hardship that I can fact I think it was a blessing.


Lisa Tucker said...

I totally agree Jen....I really think that's why not much rattles me to this day. I laugh at things that a lot of my friends think is the end of the world. I mean, my dad and our vehicles that he brought home pushed me through any embarrassment hangups that I may have. Life is's all in how you look at it...:)