Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I'm still here.

I lost my mojo for a while....I don't know why.

I'm trying to get it back.

I have been busy trying to build a gate on my deck and sprucing it up some.

Definitely a "before" picture!

Sorry....this is how I work......everything is a complete mess until I completely get through with the project.

The deck is old....really needs replacing but I can't do that I am going to put a little lipstick on this pig!

I will post pics when I'm through......if it looks

If not then I will put a pic from won't do that.

I went out of town to see a friend and I ate overlooking the Bay.

We could see three of these guys in the marshy grass.

The food was delicious!

I used my husbands truck....boy do I hate doing that.  I have to make sure there are no clothing receipts left on the floor, I have to gather all the candy bar wrappers up and I have to clean the ice cream off of the seat belt.....sheesh!....  I inspected that truck like a crime scene

In other news......the chickens are great.

They are loving the new growth springing up. I'm a little afraid of my flower beds I'm planning on looking nice.

Everyone is quite relaxed and happy right you see the kitty?....:)

Back to spray painting my about looking like a crime scene!

I plan on covering this area with dirt.

I've got to go......things to do.

Have a blessed day!!


Old Time Cindy said... about the good life, kitty has it made. I would like to be able to chill like that.
Farmhouse hugs,

Lynn said...

Hey Lisa. I know I’ve been scarce too. Glad to see you enjoying life . . . very nice balance between work and play you have going there.

The project here is on track. It is home and almost level. I am so ready to paint and waiting till I get the all clear from my husband when he finishes the manly stuff. Why is watching paint dry more fun than watching plumbing and electrical work. I asked if I could, at least, move the outside chairs in front by the door. Of course not as he has all those little cubbies along the bottom open. Patience is a virtue I’ve never had nor one I intend to cultivate.