Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cold Snap!

Three days of very cold weather = three days of do nothingness = no stories for blogger.

Will warm up soon = unfolding myself from the couch = coming soon, I hope.



Old Time Cindy said...

I hear ya! It is supposed to warm up a little this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Farmhouse hugs,

Lisa Tucker said...

I think Cindy...after this week we are going to have wonderful weather and maybe no more cold! Thanks for stopping by!..:))

Holly said...

How cute is that kitty??!! Try to stay toasty, sending warm thoughts your way.

Lynn said...

We were in Montevallo Monday and it was freezing cold and windy. I wondered how you were able to work outside last week.

Lisa Tucker said...

Holly...that kitty is very his owner...:) I feel the toasty thoughts and wishes...thanks!

Lisa Tucker said...

Lynn....the wind was terrible! Suppose to start warming up by the weekend....whoohooo!!!!