Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ramblings on a Rainy Day

It's another rainy me time to think.....that should scare you all.

Here are some things I've been thinking about....

*  My thighs have not NOT rubbed together since..........never......I was a chubby baby.

*  I blame Pinterest for this basket of is to be used for fire starters...pinned on homesteading or camping? have to add melted candles and put it in egg cartons....but I haven't finished this project along with 1,999 others.  

*  I've been saving it for months now......because that's how I do projects.....slow or never....and yes...I'm sure it's a fire hazard.

*  I rearranged the lint 5 times before I took the photo.....again I blame board.

*  I don't know why I'm making fire thighs would probably work.

*  I don't like how facebook has turned into Pinterest.

*  I want to be nosy and see what kind of mess you have made of your life (like I have).... not the latest recipe.

*  Why can't I throw things away?

*  And when my husband and I go for a day drive and we stop by the gas station and he asks me what I want....why do I think I need enough snacks to last a week in case we get stranded....we don't live in the mountains.....or the desert.....or without communication.

*  I desperately crave to be organized.......I buy all kinds of organizing stuff......and promptly lose it.

*  I have 1000 diaries and calenders with one entry in them.

*  I own a machete.......why? husband doesn't know.....zombie attack?

*  I'm really trying hard to let my hair grow out....just so I can put it in a ponytail.....which makes it look short?????

*  Why don't they make caulk I could just say I bought it that color.

*  I use 409 or Lysol cleaner to clean my garden feet....not my feet.....doesn't everyone?....oh really?...sorry....tmi

*  It makes me sad that the year in the movie "Back to the future" is 2015 and we are not even close to flying cars.

*  Does Sheryl Crow have a fountain of youth serum?

*  I do not like mega mansions......who needs that much space to live in?.....give more to charity...wasteful!

*  I love, love to get the bathing suit edition of People magazine, or Star.  Even movie stars don't really look great in a bikini...........I would say only 1% of the population really has a perfect figure.  Yea!!!!

*  My other vice......all the Real Housewives husband hates for me to watch them.   They all may be beautiful but they are so vain that it ruins their personality....therefore making me feel good about myself...which.........................makes me vain?....uh oh....

*  I still cringe inside when another adult calls me Mrs. first I think why? and then I realize that they are 20 and not...:(

*  Due to rainy weather and the 4th of July, Coopville Diaries will not be shown this week....tune in next week to see what kind of sparks (ha.ha...4th of July pun) Rod Stewart has created now!

And this concludes my rambling on a rainy day.....:)


dixie heath said...

Loved your blog this morning. I read you all the time. I am a grandma who lives in Southeast Ohio along the Ohio River. I am having weight issues and loved your thighs comment, Love you sense of humor, Hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the good blogs, I like to hear about Rod Stewart. :)

Barbara F. said...

What a great post, and I could have written many of these things myself!! All so true for me and boy did it it home!! lol I am a RH fanatic too. Can't help myself, NJ and Atl are my faves. xo

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

i agree with ya on so many things :)

Debby Ray said...

You are so funny...AND you sounds so much like me! I also see you have made a new header! Looks great!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks Dixie....I'm so glad you stopped in and left me a comment. That makes my day...:)))) I will catch you up on Rod next week..:)

Liz said...

Such a funny post! Those darn pinterest projects stack up at my house too! Hope the sun comes out soon!

Susannah said...

Hey girl, I think about many of those I think you will be's not just you feeling that way! Some of yours are really funny. I enjoyed this post!

Great idea of yours....freezing the water and the food in there for the chickens!


Anonymous said...

I was very happy to see someone else is saving lint. I stuff mine in empty paper towel tubes (no idea why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time). I haven't cut my hair in 6 months so I can now pull it back. I also own a machete and can relate to your thigh issues. Sometimes it's just good to know the things I do are not that odd, or at least I'm in good company :-)

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks for stopping in Anonymous!! I like the paper towel tube would look much better than my basket. So happy to know I'm not alone in some of my crazy Please comment made my day..:)

Lynn said...

Really like the new header, Lisa. Every time you change I think this is the best one yet. Loved you musings. We may be out of rainy days for a bit . . . psst! I think it left us with a hatch out of mosquitoes. Have a great weekend.