Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Before and After for $100 Dollars

My nephew and his wife are young and newly married and expecting their first baby.

Remember those days?

You are so very in love and happy and usually broke...lol.

They are renting a very nice and spacious mobile home and she had asked if we could help her decorate.

And as usual with all of my family's projects, decorate with very, little money.

That is what we do....we go to flea markets, the Salvation Army, we never throw old furniture away...we just reuse and recycle.

Spray paint is our friend.

Renting meant no painting, but we were lucky the walls weren't too bad.

Everything was neutral.

Someone had bought them a dining room table and it was o.k......(it really needed to be bigger) but it is what it is.

So how do you fill a very large space with very little money?

A lot of "custom" which means hand made by us....items.

We also only had two days to do this.

We only have a few before and after photos but I think we made it better....I sure hope they think so too.

Before and after of their fireplace.  (We found the large picture on the 80% off rack in Hobby Lobby)

The sofa wall
She took the before photos with her phone and sent them to me.

We remounted their name plaque on a wider board, the two bird prints were wedding gifts, red frame and metal star wall art were a few dollars at a flea market.

My mom made all the pillows from fabric we bought to make curtains and pillows.

The entry is my favorite.

My sister had an old dresser they weren't using.

I had collected old mirrors every time I went to a yard sale.  We took an old brass and green lamp and spray painted it red and I painted the chevron shade.

We didn't take before photos of the kitchen/dining area but it was a large space to fill.

She still needs a dining room rug and maybe more panels....we ran out of fabric.

We made the picture gallery ledge and made most of her art.  She is going to paint the brackets later...we ran out of time.

The kitchen had no color so we found clearance curtains and we cut out some of the flowers from the dining room panels and glued them to the kitchen curtains to tie them in.

I know this is not the usual fantastic makeovers but we were proud that we did all of this for around $100 dollars and a lot of hard work.

She was so very happy and that was worth it all.


Debby Ray said...

Well, let me be the first to tell you it looks great! I decorate exactly the same way...I can go through my house, room by room and fisure that about 50-60% (some maybe more) came from Goodwill. My closet the same way...probably 80% of the clothes came from there too! I LOVE being frugal!

Just to let you know, I was able to link into 3 parties with new post!

Debby Ray said...

oops...typo...sorry :(

My Maine Blog said...

You have such a beautiful, generous heart Lisa...and you also have a magic touch. You did an AWESOME job redecorating .... you are one of the sweetest people I know. Hugs

Shana M said...

Way to go! Ya'll did an awesome job & for $100...you go girl!!

Leave It To Davis said...

What a difference! Did you ever watch Decorating Cents on HGTV? I used to LOVE that show. The lady that hosted it had $500 to remake a room and she would absolutely transform a room into something completely different! You did even better! You remade THREE rooms with $100!!! You should get your own show! And Rod Stewart should crow at the end of each show...and they should say, "Lisa did it again...gave them something to crow about." Sound good? I'll be your publicity agent. Okay?

Susannah said...

Hello there.....Two days and $100.00? You are miracle workers! It looks so nice. It is not my style but it is so attractive that I think I could really love it. You did a wonderful job. Aunts are special!


W. Latane Barton said...

What a new terrific deco job! I know the nephew and wife are so excited.

Lisa Tucker said...

I've been missing you My sweet Maine..:) You always know what to say to put a big ole smile on my face..:)))))) Love and hugs!!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Shana!!! And thanks for stopping by...:))))

Lisa Tucker said...

Leave it to Davis...you are so funny!!! Yes be my agent..please...lol We never have money when I decorate for family so we have learned to be thrifty...:) Oh...and I loved that show "Decorating Cents!"

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I love it!!! My favorite is the entry as well. The dresser looks great in that space and I love the lamp that you painted! So chic :) Great job!

Lynn said...

Wow, Lisa, wow . . . wow . . . wow . . . Take a well deserved bow while I curtsy before you. You work miracles, girl. You did yourself proud on their make-over. I can rememberway back then when $100 was over our monthly food budget. Congratulations to the newlyweds and their expected child.