Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coopville Diaries - Episode 4

Due to last week's episode not being aired this episode will be extra long.

As you all know, last week was a holiday week.

This seemed to throw the girls and Rod into a tizzy.

They were all running around like........(dare I say it) with their heads cut off!

Acting all crazy!

No....Natasha.....this is not where you lay your eggs!

Ever since I named her Natasha she thinks she's all a Russian spy or something.

Natasha......leaving your eggs in the shop does not make you mysterious.......just dirty.

And one day last week I was walking to the coop to feed them and Rod Stewart attacked me!! be honest....I didn't know they were all following behind me and Rod had actually gotten right in front

of me and I accidentally kicked him.

It was really funny because he puffed up like a cotton ball (I guess I embarrassed him in front of the girls) and he jumped on me like white on rice.

It didn't hurt and I was mad at him for doing it but I couldn't do anything but laugh because he looked so funny.

But now......I feel he is stalking me.

I can see you Rod Stewart!

Don't even think about it!

Even the wild Tom cat that comes to visit was all paranoid!

So I said....that's enough!

Tomorrow we will have a spa day!

The girls thought this was a fabulous idea and settled right in.

Oh...they preened and napped.....

And enjoyed having a girl day....

I think they gossiped a little....

and Rod.......being a typical male.....thought the spa was the stupidest idea....

he paced back and forth...muttering...."how long does it take to fix your feathers?"

But it totally did the trick because the girls seemed relaxed and happy and back to normal!

Rod was so happy the girls were finished at the spa he crowed

"spa day is overrrr....rrr...rrr...rrr...rrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

But ....on the other hand.....I think he is still a little miffed at me.....:)

And that concludes another episode of 


Jen Jorgensen said...

"Like a Russian spy or something..."
Thanks for the morning laugh!

Tete said...

LOL- spa day and a russian spy all in one episode. Add the attack of an embarrassed male cock of the walk and you have a cliff hanger.
You need to get a KFC bucket and put it where Rod can see it. Just a friendly reminder of what happens to roosters who attack the mother hen. Mom had a joke-
What do you call roosters who attack? ....FRIED CHICKEN!
Don't spray him with the hose, me, he can get madder...yeah.

Debby Ray said...

Lol! This makes me really want to get chickens! And they are such beauties...I love the zebra striped ones...they are my faves!

Leave It To Davis said...

OMG.....I read this out loud to my granddaughters, ages 3 and 5....they died laughing. Me too....Thanks for making my no charge! You could make money with this you know!!! Sell the rights to Disney or DreamWorks....make a funny kid's movie...that adults would love to go and watch!

Terri said...

I'm not sure that is a good look he has at the end- I would watch my back if I were you! LOL!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

How cute your flock is. Love the barred rocks.

Liz said...

This was a great episode! Worth the extra week wait! Rod is on the prowl!

Lisa Tucker said...

LOL...Jen...your reaction made me smile...:)))) Thanks for that!

Lisa Tucker said...

Leave It To Davis.....I wish I could sell it to I do appreciate my 5 fans I do have I'm so glad your grandkids enjoyed it...:))) It makes my day!

Linda W. said...

Very cute story and I love all the photos of your chickens!

Debby Ray said...

Thanks Lisa...I will check it out! I'm working on a new post!

Willow said...

Oh Lisa you are funny. All the while I was reading about Mr Rod Stewart Roo I could see him strutting around to that Rod Stewart song singing " If you think I'm sexy" lol

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Isn't it weird how chickens can be moody just like us? Sometimes my flock acts so strange! Seems like you never have a dull moment with Rod. Now you'll have to keep an eye on him! Love that shot of him crowing :)

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Funny! Glad the girls got in their spa day though.

Shana M said...

Love reading your Coopville Diaries, it's always fun to read them!!


Anonymous said...

moody and fussy Hens -- may o my -- fun post -- you put a smile on my face - thanks..

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Shana M...I love when you comment...:)))))

Lisa Tucker said...'t tell Rod that song because he really does think he's

Jann Olson said...

Love your entertaining stories! Rod just makes me smile every time I see him. Thanks for sharing with SYC.