Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coopville Diaries - Episode 6

Welcome back to Coopville Diaries!!


This episode is all about these three.

A very rare appearance of these three all together.

Let's start at the beginning....

A year ago these girls loved being together and they loved to sing and dance.

They would entertain at Christmas parties etc.

So I named them the Supremes!

But then they broke up and wanted to do their own thing so then the name didn't seem to fit them anymore.

Now, you all know that one of them loves to think that she is a Russian spy and she wanted to be named Natasha.

She thinks we can't see her......she likes to sneak around.

But now since the girls all have their own personalities but are full of drama I have the perfect names for them.

Courtney, Cloe, and Cim

the Cluckers!

You the Kardashians....except with a C.

Of course Courtney and Cloe love the names!

They get along with each other just fine.

But Cim a/k/a Natasha.....well this is a problem.

When she heard that I was renaming them she threw a fit!

What is this Kardashian? (in her Russian accent)

Is stupid name!

I am Natasha!  Is beautiful name for  Russian spy!

I just ignored her and thought I can name them what I want....

I don't have to listen to a chicken.

But do you know what came in the mail a few days later?

A letter from the Russian embassy!!!

Insisting that I cease and desist from renaming Natasha!

To Mrs. Tucker...owner of the Cluckers.

You must cease and desist from renaming Natasha!

She is  good agent..umm... chicken and Natasha is good name.

What is this Kardashian?

Is stupid name!

Can you believe what I go through for these chickens?

Of course the drama is all the other chickens are talking about.

But other than the naming fiasco the sun came out finally and everyone was happy.

I am Natasha....not stupid, stupid name.

Okay, okay Natasha.....let it drop already.

And we can't have an episode without pretty boy Rod Stewart!

Sheesh!!! Women and drama!

I need a man cave!

So tune in next week for


Debby Ray said...


How long does it take you dream up these story lines...or do you make it up as you are! Great pics too, btw!


Leave It To Davis said...

I think Kardashian is a stupid, stupid name, too. Does that mean I'm of Russian descent? dumdumdum.....tune in next time to find out!

Unknown said...

what do you have hanging from the tree that they are so interested in ?

W. Latane Barton said...

I would fuss too if someone thought I needed to be named after the Kardasians!! Natasha is a good name for the spy chick. Oh if she could just talk 'human', the tales she would tell.

Lisa Tucker said...

Leave It To Davis....I know...I'm not wild about the Kardashians....the girls may need another name change...:) Lol...:)

Lisa Tucker said...

Unknown.....hanging from the tree in a gnome on a swing....he is kind of girls love that spot! Thanks for stopping by..:)

Linda W. said...

Thanks for the entertaining story. It made me laugh!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I'm sure Rod just walks around all day long just shaking his comb and letting out long sighs.

Liz said...

And yet another great episode!!! Love it!!

Susannah said...

You are crazy...but I love ya! These stories make me laugh and laugh! When I read you were going to name them the Kardashian girls...I almost fell off the chair...I was cackling so much, I, once again scared the cat! Keep up the good work! This is fun and we need some fun in our lives. Thank you for the laughs!


Tete said...

LOL- some chickens can be so difficult. She probably went on strike and didn't lay any eggs until this was settled.