Sunday, July 21, 2013

Farm Fresh Feature

Did I ever tell you I was featured on Old Time Farmhouse?

It was the first of June.

I had never been featured before and I really didn't know what I was doing.

I didn't know if I was suppose to put it on my blog also so here I am just getting to it.

Cindy is such a wonderful person with a great blog.

She is always bringing others into the spotlight.

She's had a rough couple of months and she is taking a blogging break right now but be sure and visit her later.

So here is the feature......I really still don't know what I'm

What would you like to share with us today?

Well first I would like to say thank you Cindy from Old Time Farmhouse for featuring me.  

When I told my husband you wanted to feature me he said "you told them we had a farm?"

Haha..(nervous laugh)

So we don't really have a "farm" but we live in the country in a small, rural town in Southwest Alabama on a few acres of land.

I married my high school sweetheart and we have two grown sons.

This was our Christmas card....:)

We also have three dogs, two cats and eight chickens.

Baby Kitty



Breesy (we call her the "teenager" because she stays in trouble)

And the oldest is Pook (name not my fault...husband named him)

These are my precious chickens...

Do you have a name for your farm?

No..I don't have a name for our place but......the chickens do.

We are the Tuckers and they are the.........Cluckers....:)

What country life style are you currently embracing?

Well I blackmailed  asked my husband and boys to build me the chicken coop last year and now we are enjoying our home grown eggs.

I loved decorating the coop and really enjoyed it at Christmas!

It was quite a task (the coop building) and I did an entire post on our chicken coop

Then I cried, begged, pouted asked that he build me a clothesline and he did!

I started canning two years ago and really enjoy looking at the jars on my old shelf and enjoy even more eating the fresh vegetables.

I am currently in the process of building my own raised garden beds. (One of many projects.)

 We cut our own firewood and we cut wood for some of our older friends.

We planted apple trees, fig trees, pear trees, and peach trees.

Do you have future goals?

Yes....a lot of them!

I plan to expand my raised beds and can a lot more vegetables.

I really want to pen in behind the coop and get a couple of goats.

Paint, paint, and paint.....fences, doors, and trim.

I'm hoping to remodel the inside of the house and lighten it up.

Some rooms are good but I'm hoping for a kitchen and living room remodel.

So, yes, a lot of plans.

What do you cherish most about farm life?

All of it!

We love living in a rural area.

We spend a lot of our time outdoors...

I love sitting on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea.

I love that my 3 guys get to share quality time in the woods...

I love riding the dirt roads and seeing views like this...

 and this...

I love that my chickens have a sense of humor on April Fools...

I love the view out my window of a squirrel on my chippy red swing...

My roses in bloom

Boots in the rain....

I love dirt on my hands and the sun on my back...

I love everything about My Ordinary Country Life...

and I've really enjoyed sharing it with you.

My blog is My Ordinary Country Life at

You're welcome here anytime.


Tete said...

That is so cool and your guys are so handsome! Love the house, I could move right in.
Hope you had a good weekend. My hubby is down for the count. Not sure what he caught, but it ain't pretty.

Leave It To Davis said...

You call yourself ordinary, but dear, you are so extraordinary!!! I hope you realize just how one in a million you are!

Debbie S. said...

What a great post and a beautiful home you've created! I'm so glad I stopped by :)

Lisa Tucker said...

Leave It To Davis.....I always love when you stop leave the sweetest comments....:)))) And the same goes to you....extra ordinary...:)

Lynn said...

You nailed it on this one, Lisa. So glad you didn’t let this one slip by us. Great start to the week!!