Friday, July 5, 2013

Another Great Holiday!

So another holiday has come and gone.....

Sambo loved my new Fourth of July tray that I found very, very cheap at the Salvation Army.

and she said "don't even think about moving this"

We were invited to a friends camp on the river....

and in spite of looming dark clouds we did get in some boat time....

The kids had a great time and this next photo was my best action shot of the day.

I just love this one...:)

Not so much this next one...

I'm currently in the market for fat friends....why oh why....are all of mine skinny?

He stopped by...he wanted to know if we were over our weight limit...and he was looking right at me....

no....just kidding....he was just a friend.....but that is how a fat girl's mind thinks...

Their dog Bailey loves boat rides!

So glad my hubby was able to enjoy a day off from work.

We had a great time with great friends!

So grateful to live in this great country!

Home of the brave!

Land of the free!

Today is another wet and rainy day.

My Indian name today would be:

She who eats and sleeps too much!...:)

I have loved drinking my coffee this morning and catching up with all of my blogging friends.

It's one of my favorite things to do!

Gotta go's almost nap time...........again...:)

Have a great day!


Tete said...

Well, my butt's two axe handles wide- so all of my friends are skinny, too. That's just the way the pan cookie crumbles.
Looks like you had a fun day on the water! Would have loved to have done that. I need to find new friends- ones with boats.
Have a good weekend and looking forward to Rod's latest moves.

Leave It To Davis said...

Hey! I knew I'd be a perfect friend for you....well, almost perfect. I'm sure I'm old enough to be your mom....but I'm best friends with my daughter, so if you can over look the age difference, I'm a perfect candidate for a fat friend! They won't even look your way when they check the boat limit!

KathyB. said...

Ha ha ! I love this post, you made me laugh a lot.

Yes, your action shot is great, it looks like you had a lot of fun and I bet shared a lot of laughs with your friends & family too.

Lisa Tucker said...

Now Leave It To looking at your profile pick I don't think you qualify to be my fat friend but you seem like so much fun that we will have to be friends anyway...:))))) I hope you have a great weekend!!!