Sunday, May 19, 2013

They Can't All Be Good Ideas!

Woke up yesterday morning happy and ready to go!

I planned an entire day of yard work.

No phone, no interruptions, no husband, no plans.....just yard work.

But not the front yard....although it needs some work......but the....dum dum dum (dramatic music)

the back yard patio area....shreek, shreek, shreek (Bates Motel music)

It is the ugly cement slab patio that I'm trying to spruce up with some flower beds.

It needs a lot of help!

Hahahahaha......I told you.........don't judge.

Ever heard of putting lipstick on a pig......well hear ya go.

It would look a little better if college kid hadn't cut down all of my soon to be blooming coreopsis flowers...right there above the purple pansies.

So I have this problem the slab is all jagged and dirt is washing out from under it so I thought, and I thought and ding! a bright idea!

I will get plates from the salvation army and glue them to the rim of the slab to disguise the ugliness.

So hmmm...what will I glue them with.....back to town to get some liquid nails.

Start gluing and hold the plates to the wall, and hold, and lean and hold, and squat and hold and get the ax and wedge it and hold and step back 10 steps and look, and turn my head sideways and look and ummm....I'm not sure.

And then I check the plates.....not even close to I use more glue...and get the picture.

And then I run out of glue.......

So I'm thinking on the way to the hardware store that is in my very, small town that I will stop by the Salvation Army again and buy some cups and use them creatively also.

Did I care that I'm hot and sweaty and at the time...and then as I'm coming out with my giant tube of Liquid Nails I see these ladies, about my age, in their white shorts and their manicured nails and they were laughing and walking into a cute little clothing store next to the hardware store.

And I think "What is wrong with me?

 Am I crazy?.....but it will all be worth it when my flower bed turns out so cute!"

So back home I go.

I'll wait on the plates to start drying and start laying out the cups....they will be like finials on my board.

But if I use the cups then I will need to fill them with rocks so they won't fill up with water.

But........if I turn them over......and put some little animals on top......

back to Salvation Army I go.

Maybe over here........


After hours in the sun, and many, many trips to the store, it was very hard to admit that I was almost over the edge.

Teetering very close to this.........

Yes....this is a house in my town.....I had to do a drive by.....

And that's when  I decided to scrap the whole, bad idea!

They can't all be good ya know.....:)

Good Idea...

Bad Idea....

How about you?

Ever had any bad ideas?

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Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Ok, I'm laughing, not at you, but at the tone of this post. Way to go rock.

And maybe if the plates were broken and you made a mosaic border,......hmmm?

I like them in the wheelbarrow...

Hey maybe those people like blue..snort.


Sarah Adams said...

I am crackn up! Nope they all can't be good :-)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Good morning Lisa, what a fun personality you have! As for that house, it looks like something out of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" I do recall in an old issue of Country Living a flower garden edged with half plates. Will be waiting to see what you come up with!

Lisa Tucker said... was hard to give it up until I road by the blue

Lisa Tucker said...

Wow...I can't spell...above comment should be rode....well technically it should be drove....sigh.....

Barbara F. said...

Your efforts paid off. Love how it turned out, very creative. Visiting from Sunny Simple Mondays! xo

Old Time Cindy said...

LOL! I have had some 'interesting' the ugly thing I made to hold my sweet potatoes in the garden this year. What was I thinking?
Farmhouse hugs,

Anonymous said...

I know that blue house of the back streets! Bahahahaha!

Lisa Tucker said...

Ok Anonymous.....who are you?,,,,lol