Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hard Work Whining

You have been worried about  me haven't you?

I'm not the smart blogger that only posts a new post when they have something meaningful to post....

No......I'm the girl that posts almost every day about meaningless drivel....

But not the last few days.......

I was tired people......t-i-r-e-d.

Why, you say?

Let's start at the beginning.....have you got your coffee?

My younger brother and sister in law called me and asked if I could help them get ready for the Art in the Park show in Foley, Al.

I say sure so I pack my overnight bag and get to their house Thursday afternoon.

They make picture frames out of old wood and pallets.  They are beautiful.

All I had to do was help with the finishing stuff like hangers on the back, price tags...you know ....little things.....easy peasy.

I walk in their living room and this is what I see...

and this....
So we get busy....work till midnight...go to bed.

We get up Friday and uh oh we have to build the shelves etc. that goes into the booth and still do a lot of finish work on the frames......no problem.

And paint the shelves and load it up and go to the park and set up the tent and set up the booth...

And go back home and work on the frames, and work on the frames, and work on the frames....

And 16 hours after we started our day, no bath, one slice of pizza, glue gun burns and oh yeah I was suppose to go home today, we go to bed at midnight.  

And we have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to load all the frames in our vehicles and take them and unload them and carry them to the booth.

At this point I could barely walk.  Did I tell you my brother and his wife are fairly young and in shape?

Did I mention that it was raining when we had to unload all 150 heavy frames and walk 75 steps between other tents to set up?

I almost drove to the Medical Center and checked in.

On our way to the park I saw this sign.


Is this where we get the word Chevron and the pattern?

Or did the gas station steal it from a fabric company?

My mind was delirious at this point......this was fascinating to me.

Anywho....back to the booth.

It looked good....right?
Here are some examples of their frames...

That's my niece when she was young....she's almost a teenager now...
Plexiglass and the nails still needed to be added.....this one was one of my favorites.

She had all sizes...
These had tiny little clothes pins that you hang photos with....or you could hang Christmas cards...etc.
No two frames were alike...

So if you want to order any, this is their website....

I don't think they charged extra for pieces of my burned fingers having touched them.....:)

Oh and one more thing....I thought like most of you do....well it's just old wood screwed together....I can do that and not pay those prices......well let me tell you........it's not so easy....hard work, hard work.

I left at lunch and put the cruise control on and I kept one eye on the road because I couldn't possibly hold them both open, and I headed home!

Home to my poor little babies.....the chickens, and the dogs and the kitty cats.

Because my husband will feed them but let's face it they get no TLC from him.

They saw me pull up in the driveway and they were running to me......:)

It's a good thing I can't understand chicken talk or kitty talk because I think my husband would be in trouble...:)

I gave them all a little TLC and then I dragged myself inside and crashed.

Have you ever heard the saying "A hard's days work would kill me"

Well ...Ya....this is true.

I was going to tell a little about my Mother's Day but this post is already too full of drivel...I will save it for tomorrow...:)

Don't work too hard today my friends....


W. Latane Barton said...

Oh my goodness, I sure hope your brother and sister in law appreciated all your hard work and your burned fingers! Nice booth, after it was all finished.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

So nice of you to help out! It looks like A LOT of work! The booth was so pretty and I really like all the frames. So cute that your chickens came running to you when you got home!

Holly said...

For crying out loud woman, GO TO BED!

Old Time Cindy said...

I laughed so hard I snorted! It is hard work! That is why I do not do shows. Did them when I was a young thing. Selling online is much easier. If you're like me, it will take a few days for you to recover.
Farmhouse hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, you crack me up so much. I wish we were neighbors and could share stories over the backyard fence.

Reading this post brought back not so good memories of craft fairs in my past....yes, they are a ton of work. My hubs thinks it would be good for me to do them again, so I can stay out of trouble. HA!!

blessings, jill
ps. why do Californians pay so much more for gas??? $4.09(the cheapest) at 76. I will not even look at our Chevron prices.