Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Bit About Mother's Day

Let's talk a little about Mother's Day.

It was fab.

It was my day.

I was lazy.

Almost couldn't function because of my prior two days helping my brother....see previous post.

I'm showing these photos.....I didn't want to....but I'm being real.

I slept guys brought me breakfast.

I think I showered and washed my hair.

I'm pretty sure I have no make up on.

I put on my big, soft crinkly shirt (that makes me look pregnant) (that I got from Walmart)

and I started bossing.....because it is my day.

The college kid, I didn't realize, was snapping pictures left and right.....uggg.

My favorite figure it out stance, I mean why try to hold up those heavy arms when you have a big, soft ,cushy

perch to put them on.

and then I saw the camera......what can I say but wow......

College kid cooked lunch and my oldest child was home sick in bed...:(

I took him some gatorade and made sure he had medicine.....a Mom's work is never done...:)

We visited my Mom and gave her flowers and visited Hubby's Mom and gave her flowers.

My boys gave me a spa day (hmmm maybe they do make overs there)

I love my boys.....

I don't know why we don't have a Mother's Month?

Do you?


Holly said...

Darn it if you aren't the cutest thing. You should never wear makeup. Takes away from your cuteness.

Lisa Tucker said... have just moved to BFF status....:))))