Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stir Crazy (photo heavy)

We've all been going a little stir crazy around here with all this rain.

I'm not complaining though because it is so good for the plants and grass and trees.

My roses are going crazy!

But the animals are tired of being cooped up.

So we went on a walk between showers.

Oh... they got to smell and TT on everything.....they were happy.

And usually the cats do not come with us but this time they did.....meowing the whole way.

Sambo (the black and white) was totally freaked out.....Baby Kitty (the gray one) thought he was a mountain lion...:)

After we got back I watched this cute little squirrel.

What you looking at?......I think he is saying...

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry.....I like squirrels....:)

I love the white blooms of the Privet.

Pepperdine the pig

I finished my hollow log bed....:)...roll that hose up lazy girl!

I bought this guy at the beach....:)
The rake props the door open....hi Lucy....

Now YOU are probably stir crazy from looking at all these

you can go now.....:)

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Old Time Cindy said...

Nice walk with you all. Maybe your squirrels are sweet and that's why you like them. They are stinkers on our property such as pulling up all my new strawberry plants. Maybe we need to do a trade. LOL!
Farmhouse hugs,

Holly said...

I soooo want to come and sit in your yard and drink sweet tea and talk smack.

Karen McGilberry said...

Love the pics! You have beautiful flowers! Love all the whimsical things in your yard. If my yard was as big as yours, I would go crazy! (and bring Dennis along with me) I found a clematis for sale today. I already have 11 different ones. I had to repeat to myself over & over...You don't need another one....You don't need another one....'s one I don't have. I'm probably going back to town in the morning. (if it's not too cold!)

Old Time Cindy said...

Thank you kindly for boot scootin’ on over to the Old Time Party!
Farmhouse hugs,

Lisa Tucker said...

Thanks Karen! I can't wait to see lots and lots of photos of your yard....We should probably trade yards (I really want all those clematis) because Shannon hates yard work and this big yard gets the best of me....hurry with those pics....:)