Monday, May 20, 2013

Be Careful How You Troll....

So after the fiasco of Saturday's full day of bad ideas in the yard and almost coming close to this...........

(This is freedom y'all..........I'm just not that free....yet)

I hurt my back.

Can you get a rib out of joint?

Anyway ...stabbing pain on the left side of my back and as long as I didn't have to sit or stand, cough, laugh, sneeze or breathe I was o.k.

So the rest of the weekend was spent not moving much at all.

This threw my "guys" for a loop.

Poor men......they don't realize how dependent they are.

Here is how it went:

"What's for supper? Oh hurt your back.  I'll go get us something.

You want chicken?  Ohhh...I really didn't want about a hamburger? Ok, I'm back.

Did you make tea?  Oh yeah...your back.  I'll do it! Where's the tea bags?

Are these dishes clean?  (brings me my lunch...fork drops on the floor) minute.....two minutes........

Oh....I can't bend over.

Do you think you could drive me to get my tractor?"

Me:  Sigh.....................

After I got back from driving my husband to get his tractor I realized that I had use of one arm...:) I started to troll through some blogs.

Big mistake...

I hit upon Boho Farm and Home...

Big mistake.....

Her post was about having a dinner party, 






Remember my plate fiasco from yesterday in the flower bed where my son "accidentally" cut down most of my flowers?"

Depression set in.....

I hobbled to the kitchen...

medicated myself with Ibuprofen

 and two sausage biscuits dipped in syrup (not made by my non-chef husband)

and went to bed!

Be careful how you troll people....may lead to depression.... do I delete my blog?


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare delete your with the depression girl, deal with it. LOL Get those big girl panties on and get back in the game. Your readers are counting on you;-)

I do hope your back gets better soon...I have those days too.
blessings, jill

Old Time Cindy said...

Oh no, hope you feel better soon. Take care!
Farmhouse hugs,

Debbie S. said...

This post cracked me up! First off, I have 2 teen sons - no, take it back, one's 20 now and the other is 14, plus a fully grown husband. They ask me for everything! I'm sure it's all my fault :)

Then the whole trolling thing....yeah, not a good idea, unless you are feeling like super woman and other people's fantastic talented lives will inspire you, instead of making you depressed.

I won't delete my blog until you visit at least once :)

Have a great day and hope your back is better!

(found your blog by trolling)

My Maine Blog said...

Hahhahaha....just read this one to my hubby....he definitely got the message after we both laughed for about 3 minutes straight. Oh yah...and that thing about trolling on other's's like looking in the L.L. Bean Catalog at all the things you know you want but you can't afford. But we have to remember we mustn't want what we can't have and that depression you speak of it happens to us all...but all in all...we do the best we can with what we've got....non-chef husband and all...I have one of those too...but he can make a mean piece of toast. I love you Lisa Tucker!!!

Leave It To Davis said...

lol....just found your blog by way of My Maine are F-U-N-N-Y!!!! I love that other people are just plain folk like me....and can mess up an idea royally....and admit it....and then post it....some people would have never put that online...I love that you have a new follower...but hey! The post that My Maine Blog sent me over to see....I mean WOW! That is a great idea...and what a garden!!! I hope your back is not hurting any longer. Love your cheesey smile, by the way! That's really cute!