Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Yin/Yang of a Perfect Life

Beautiful Spring is here!!
You know I am loving my beautiful cherry tree!
And all of the blooming flowers!
But I decided this time to interject what's not perfect here also
in case you thought things were not "Lisa"
and then my dog Breesy comes up.....
What in the world!!!!
Has she been cleaning chimneys????  Working in a coal mine?????
Who knows!!!!!
What a glorious morning!!
But instead of enjoying this glorious morning I am on a turkey hunt.
Lol.....oh you don't hunt this way????
When you hunt you have to have the 3 B's
No.......not bullets, boots and box call.......silly
Biscuits, books and blanket....:)
Home sweet home....
And home sweet home is where I should stay because........
I decide to take my very overweight out of shape body to the gym.
First time in years and years!!
I'm walking at a pretty good pace (for me) and I could tell it was
all kind of wobbly.
My back and hip fat was out of sync with my walking pace and
right in the middle of my brisk walk the treadmill just shuts down!
And starts blinking in big bright letters
Well I didn't know if it was concerned about my safety or its safety but
nevertheless I just picked my dignity off the floor
and got out of there as fast as my hips would wobble.
So there it is folks......
a perfect/not perfect life.......
and I'm grateful for all of it!!
So smile........:)
and look at this beautiful treeeeeeeee!!
(with a powerline)
Such is life.....embrace it all!

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Debby Ray said...

Your place is the tree! YOU. ARE. NOT. FAT! Love ya!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You have such a pretty yard with all those colors and flowers! Very nice.

Tete said...

Your place is wonderful in the spring! I would move in! Watch your back could happen.
That dog...;) looks like a couple of my cats yesterday before the rain. We seriously have to beat them before they come in the house like an old rug over the clothesline.
Serves you right for going to the gym! At least is didn't scream, Get off me! Get off me!
LOL- yeah, I have a mean streak under all this charming old lady wonder. Just don't tell anyone- I have an image to maintain here.
Love ya to the moon and back- have a fun weekend.

camp and cottage living said...

Hi Lisa
I just became your newest follower! I love your log home. We sold ours three years ago and I miss it so much...

Poppy said...

Your post made me smile on this cold and damp and rainy Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday in Toronto because your beautiful surroundings, blooming fruit trees and fun persona made me think of my own beautiful surroundings, blooming fruit trees and fun persona, (the last of these is, I confess, has been somewhat MIA) of my island home, back in Greece, which I miss so very, very much.

Glad you got off that contraption in time, my friend. Stay safe!

BIG hugs,

Stephanie Robertson said...

What a pretty house and yard!