Saturday, April 16, 2016

Puppies go to Redneck Island

Hubby and I decided to go to Redneck Island and take the new puppies.
Breesy was really excited!
I overheard her saying
 "it's about time someone took me out!  I had 14 puppies
and I deserve a break! Where's the daddy?  Who knows!!  Don't have any help...
I do all the cleaning AND the disciplining. I was told he stays out all night howling
at the moon. 
 Let's go you can't take Lisa's shoe with you.
Big Brown!  Leave the cat alone!  I said come!
Little Buck....tsk tsk.....bless your heart.....mama needs to feed you more.  Don't fret won't always be the runt.
We are going on a trip to the most fun place.....we can run and play to our hearts content.
Now load up like big boys and be on your best behavior."

 Now follow meeeeeeeee!!!!

Run babies run!!!
(and hopefully y'all will sleep all night)

What a great day it was!


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Debby Ray said...

These babies are so adorable! I have missed your posts...glad to read a few new ones here...even though I catch most of your craziness on facebook :)