Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My progress on the "Cabbage Soup Diet"

I started the "Cabbage Soup" diet yesterday.
I've done this diet before, a loooooong time ago and it really worked.
But I am much different than I was back then.
The body and the willpower is much weaker and the fat cells have "grown" in strength
and in number.
So yesterday all I could have was fruit (except bananas) and the cabbage soup and water.
I can do this!
I love fruit and don't mind the cabbage soup.
I can do this!!
The morning was the hardest for me....I love me some coffee and
a little some'n some'n like pop tarts, muffins etc. to go with it.
So when I tried to take a bite of pineapple my taste buds went into retreat mode.
The organic Fuji apple made the cut for breakfast and I was okay.
I wish I liked cantaloupe or grapefruit but nooooo....that would be too easy.
So I made it to lunch.....was so ready for some cabbage soup.
10:45 is not too early for lunch is it????
I didn't think so!!!
So out came the soup and as a side I got some of those oranges or
are they tangerines...the ones they call "cuties".
Well I know why they call them "cuties"....
it's because it's so cute how Lisa can eat them in two bites!
Well really one bite but it ain't so cute when all the juice gushes out and runs
down your chin....
and your husband walks in and you're suppose to be working and you
can't answer the phone because your mouth is so full of orange...
(not that that happened or anything)
So I made it through the work day and I was almost home (a thirty minute drive)
and I almost wrecked when I realized that I left all of my cabbage soup
at work!!
Oh nooooooooo.........only fruit for supper!!!! :(
By this time my head is pounding!!
I'm not sure if it's a caffeine headache or just lack of food headache.
I slowly trudge into the kitchen and just stare at the pineapple, grapes and oranges
and I try to eat some grapes and they were pretty sour
and then I found the most amazing fruit everrrrr!!!!!!!!!
2 pieces of toast!!
with cheese!!!
Headache went away immediately and I was my usual happy, happy self!
Today is all vegetable day.
I am sure that toast is considered a vegetable also....:)
Have a great day!!


Debby Ray said...

Lol...I have spent most of the morning researching the Cabbage Soup Diet...can you believe that? I saw your post on fb yesterday...that's why I was researching :) I did this diet a LONG time ago and I actually like the soup very well. My friend and I did it together and she did was better than me. I think I could do this for a week. Problem is, what to do to keep the scale coming down. What is your plan?

Tete said...

I did that diet with a friend of mine years ago and was never hungry. Just be careful and drink plenty of water on the tomatoes day- or you will cry when you pee.
There is a Crystal Light with caffeine- for those stupid headaches. I drink them for mine. I like wild strawberry and there is a blueberry acai in the great value one at walmart.
Toast...isn't on the list, but you can cut carbs if you cut off the crust. 1/2 a piece of bread has more carbs and sugars than 2 pieces without the crust.
I lost more weight counting carbs and sugars- really. Forget the calories. 32-35 carbs per meal and 3-5 sugars.
All brands of everything are different, so pick the lowest in them all you can have more.
Good luck and dropping the ain't for sissies and I hope little debbie's doesn't go belly up!

Poppy said...

YOU, my cabbage eating, cheating friend, are hilarious, and that should count for something on this diet, (except calories, of course)! So you had a tiny taste of toast - big deal! It's not like you downed a whole loaf or anything, right? I mean, what's a starving girl supposed to do when she's got a headache... duh! After all, there's no way any amount of grapes was gonna get rid of that nasty pounding. No, not even an entire pineapple could save your butt...protein, my friend, saved you and your gut!;))

P.S.: TOMMOROW'S TIP: Remember,sometimes veggies masquerade themselves as muffins!;)

Gail said...


That's about the luck I would have with a diet. I think doughnuts are fruit too.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

If you mold your bread to look like fruit I think it counts. You might be able to do that with tuna and chicken salad too. Good luck!

Michelle said...

I would not make it on this diet!

Leave It To Davis said...

Lol....glad to see you're back to your old funny self! Seriously, all you have to do to lose weight is eat whatever you want....just in smaller portions....and only one snack a day....and add 20 minutes of stretching exercises....sitting on the floor watching TV and just stretching to your toes with your hands. In 3 months, I lost from 190 lbs to 135 doing that back when I turned 40. Not strenuous exercise.....just yoga type. I still had a candy bar every day.....just ate less at meal second helpings. And I could have kept the weight off,too, but my hubby thought I was too thin....had no boobs I gained the weight back over a couple of years.... but not back up to 190. I never went back over 182....and I weigh 175 now. I don't eat as much as I did when I was younger. You don't have to starve...just add in extra stretching to stretch those muscles back into shape.

Carla from The River said...

I will be cheering you on. :-))
You are a brave girl to be doing this diet.
Keep us posted.

xx oo

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oh man, I don't think I could survive on this diet. Best of luck to you though! The beginning is always the hardest!

Willow said...

You go girl ~ yup considering its in this story that toast and cheese can be considered as "fruity" (like us) :)))
No sour grapes here , I've missed you too !
Hang in there,