Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Okay To Lie To Chickens But Not To Your Husband

So I leave work early....
I give Shannon all kinds of excuses why.
I need to cook supper, go to the bank, buy groceries and let the chickens in the coop.
 I did none of those things.
I went straight to Cato's to look around.
I am NOT suppose to buy another thing....
closet is overflowing, credit card is crashing blah blah blah.
 So I decide if I just slip in there ever so quietly, keep a low profile so no one will even see me
 and there will be no chance of Shannon finding out (that means no tattling you stick together evil men)
 Of course the store is full and as soon as I walked in I stealthily eased my way
 around the racks that are right up front in the windows....
no one can see me from the parking lot because they hang those giant poster ads
 that take up the whole window.
The next thing I hear is Craaaaassshhhh!!!!!!
 I'm not sure if it was my tiny body (eye roll) or my tiny purse (eye roll)
 that managed to pull the entire giant poster  crashing down all around me!!
 I freeze as every person in there stops in their tracks and stares at me.
 So much for being invisible.
 I apologize and apologize as I'm backing my way out the store ...
if I can just make it back to my car...
maybe no one even knew who I was...
as soon as I step outside a car goes by and someone yells HEY LISA TUCKER!! 


Country Gal said...

Go figure lol Thanks for making me giggle sorry you didn't get to shop though and I am laughing at your expense here but been there done that not fun lol oh it was funny afterwards just not during lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

Elaine Lewis said...

Oh boy. Hang in there. Guess living in a small town has one draw back. How are your chickens doing? Laying again?

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

I remember living in a big city where it was a big deal if you went to the store and actually saw someone you knew. Now, like you, I can't go anywhere in secret anymore! (I'm thinking the doughnut shop)!

Tete said...

LOL- God sure has his ways of keeping us in line, but that's the funniest one I have heard of, ever! Don't you just love his sense of humor??? I do, when it happens to someone else...sorry. Take two little debbies and call me in the morning.

Debby Ray said...

So...did Shannon ever find out??

Poppy said...

You lead such an exciting life, my friend. Really! Think about it. I mean, wasn't that whole experience, (aside from being embarrassing), so much more of an adventure than just going home to cook supper, go to the bank, buy groceries and let the chickens in the coop? Or...heaven forbid - work (ouch!). Okay, I know your mission was supposed to be hush-hush, but instead, you got an amazing adrenaline rush!

And remember, just in case that drive-by 'name caller' rats on you, 'deny, deny, deny'!

P.S.: Thanks so much for your very kind words on my current post!:))