Friday, January 2, 2015

A Baby Story....

New Year's Day
It's my baby boy's birthday!
It always brings back memories of his birth....which is quite the story.
He turned 25 yesterday.
He is a graduate of the University of Alabama and he even got his Master's degree.
He will be starting his "real" job in a few weeks and we are so proud of him.
But back to the story of the day he was born....
New Year's Eve.....I am very VERY pregnant.
 Shannon is determined to go hunting but I say he can't leave me
 so what does he do but load my fat pregnant butt up in the truck,
pick up Adam Gunter and we go hunting.
Well a few hours in I ask Adam to look at his watch and a few minutes later
 asked him the time got it...I'm having contractions.
Shannon is too calm and doesn't want to end the hunt, I'm fairly calm but ready to go
 and Adam is freaking out! So we go , drop Adam off, check on Matt and head to Mobile.
We get to the hospital on New Years Eve...
so you just know all the doctors and nurses were ready to go out and celebrate...
I even heard them all discussing their plans and I'm thinking that's just great...
but we get set up in a room and they finally give me an epidural.
 Well of course I can't feel my legs at all and I'm watching t.v.
 and all of a sudden I hear a big BLAM!!!!
  I turn my head and look at Shannon (who wouldn't really make eye contact with me)
 and I ask "what was THAT?) He said "ummm....your leg...."
  I said "what?"
  He said " your leg was tangled up in the covers so I was trying to untangle it
and I lifted it up to unwrap the cover and I ummm....dropped it."
  Well you know after you have been poked and prodded and had contractions
you are not in the best mood so I kind of snapped at him to "not touch me!"
 And then he keeps reminding me that it would be nice if Tanner was born before midnight
 so we can get a tax break.
 Boy..if looks could kill.....
So the moment finally gets here.....12:01 the doctor walks in...
(I think he threw his party hat in the garbage as he walked in)
  Shannon and the doc had the nerve to be VERY interested in Evil Knievel doing his record breaking
 jump at that very moment.

 And I'm like....yoohoo....over here.....somebody's trying to have a baby.....
and we finally got down to the business of having a baby.
  I looked up at Shannon during and I thought it was so sweet because he had tears in his eyes!!!
  Awww.....all is forgiven.
 By 12:20 we had a beautiful baby almost 9 lb. baby boy!!!
  After celebrating and oohing and aahing they all left the room at almost 1 a.m.
Boy was I exhausted.....Shannon stayed in the room with me....they brought him a cot...
and it finally got dark and quiet and I was so tired I immediately started drifting off to sleep
and I hear......"psst" and then a voice whisper "Lisa...........are you asleep?"
   Wha????? Is someone waking me up...what is going on?
I realize it's coming from Shannon and I kind of snap "WHAT? What is it?"
   And he says "you are going to have to push that button and get the nurse back in here"
  I couldn't understand.....did he say I was going to have to call the nurse?
  I'm like....."why???????"
   He says "I burned my eyes welding yesterday and they are killing me!!!!"
  Well........I then put two and two together and realized that he was not crying at the beautiful birth
 of our child....his eyes were watering because they were burned!!!!!!!
And instead of being sympathetic I was mad!!!
I said "I am NOT calling the nurse back in here!"
 So he said fine I will go find a doctor myself!
  (isn't this a lovely baby story)
So he is gone for hours and I still couldn't sleep because I was a little worried

 about him but still mad too and he finally walks back in the room.

  I ask what happened and he said he blindly used his shoulder to rub against the wall

 and walked down the halls until he finally got a nurse to talk to the doctor

 who gave him eye drops for that kind of burn.

 BUT......get this.........

HE HAD ON A HOSPITAL BRACELET JUST LIKE MINE!!!!! know it's bad when you can't even get the most sympathy

 and attention when you HAVE A BABY!!

  I say this is proof that all men are the biggest BABIES!!!

  He claims they wouldn't give him anything until he was admitted to the hospital.......

my oh my....and to top it off he went home the next day (to rest his eyes)

 and couldn't come back to see us. (grrr)

  So in conclusion we now have in Tanner's baby book.........

a baby hospital bracelet, my hospital bracelet and Shannon's hospital bracelet.
The end


W. Latane Barton said...

That story was so cotton-picking funny, Lisa. But, I really feel for you. Men and their hunting. I was married to a hunter so, believe me, I know.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

So funny! It reminds me of the friend I have whose husband complained his feet hurt while she was delivering their baby!


Happy birthday to your newest man.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You have a great story to tell for years to come! Oh, and you'll never forget the birth date!

Florida Farm Girl said...

That is too funny!!!!!

Poppy said...

Happy New Year, Lisa, and a belated Happy Birthday to your son, who was such a serious cutie patootie, and from where I sit, looks exactly like his pretty mommy!

Have a lovely week, my friend!

P.S.: Couldn't find your email to answer your question re: our names, i.e., Liberty's and mine. Liberty is the English translation of the Greek - freedom, and the story behind my name, you can read here: