Monday, November 4, 2013

Coopville Diaries - episode 10

It's time for another episode of..........

Coopville Diaries!!!!!


"Let's go girls!" Rod Stewart crows....

"Let's hide those eggs good!"

"heehee....that woman human will never find them unless she looks real good......and

to tell the truth she needs the exercise.....cluck cluck cluck cluck.(laughing).

"someone needs to tell Rod that he is not that funny" Millie grumbled

"I'm feeling puffy I look puffy?"

"Let me see Millie..."

"nooo (ahem) don't look puffy at all." said Aunt Bea
"y'all don't tell her.....have you ever heard the saying "mad as a wet hen?"

"You don't mess with a puffy hen either."

"Come on girls....I will find some good bugs in this stump!"

"Because....I!" Rod crows

"gracious he has a hairy butt" Aunt Bea thought to herself.

Rod leads the ladies to check on the dog food which they love!

"stupid, lazy dogs!!!" Rod grumbled

"they didn't leave even a morsel of dog food!"

The girls were annoyed... "oooohhh....look at them....they can't even move."

"okay girls....we need to go back to the picket line."

"You know what month it is."

Happy Turkey Month!!



Our Neck of the Woods said...

Yay so happy for another episode! Rod cracks me up and I love the turkey sign at the end. Too good!

Linda W. said...

Love "the Coopville Diaries!" Always makes me laugh!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Ewww, a hairy but! Poor Rod.

Willow said...

Bwak Bwakk Too much fun . I love Rod , he is looking like one sexy Roo ( well to my hens anyway who are now strutting around singing "if you thing I'm sexy")

You named a chicken Aunt Bea ...oh my we do think alike ( great minds do that you know ~ think alike and all) I have a rooster name Opie ~REALLY he is our oldest guy and yup the name from my fav old show ... rabbit named Goober too . hee hee

Debby Ray said...

Lol...I can almost see the wheels turning in your brain for Episode 11!

Florida Farm Girl said...

What a beautiful picture of the pups and the chooks!!! Was that early morning? The light is wonderful.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Florida Farm was actually late afternoon...:)

Tete said...

LOL- that sign is too funny. Rod is so full of himself today.
Aunt Bea is awesome! Hairy butt.
Have a fun day!