Saturday, August 3, 2013


College kid is in his last year of college....he is getting his Master's Degree. (we hope)

My husband and I will be so happy when he is finished with college!

Even if he is paying for this year  we are still helping with his living expenses.(it's not cheap)

But as I was ironing his shirts and helping him pack up his things to take back to school with him I realized

that he may not come back home from college this time.

He may get a job as soon as he is finished and move to who knows where.

This is not making me happy.

I am not a fan of change.

Even though I know that this is what we want for our go out in the world and make a life for themselves.....I am sad about it.

Our oldest son lives less than a mile from our house.

He eats supper with us almost every night........I like this.

Where does the time go?

College kid played two years of baseball at a  Junior College.....and he lived about 45 minutes from home.

He came home every weekend.

And then he went to the University of Alabama.....about 2 hours away.

I remember moving him in and I knew the visits would get less and less.

And they did.

Sometimes he would bring friends home with him and he will never know how much this helped my heart.

I could cook for them and hover over them and ask a million questions.

But now his friends are going in different directions as they all graduate.

Did I say I don't do well with change?

Can I wind back the clock?

Even though we were so broke back then and had to make home made Halloween costumes (Tom and Jerry) I would do this all over again.

Can you believe I'm crying as I post this.....:(

I know....the next step (I hope) will be my boys getting married and having grand children and I can't wait!!!!

But do we have to have years in between those times?

It is the natural order of life and I know I shouldn't be so sad about it but.....

These were some of the best times in my life.

But I know that God is in control and he even gave us an example of parenting in nature.

The Eagle
When the mother eagle is expecting her young, she prepares a large nest high on the edge of a cliff. She fashions it out of giant branches and sharp thorns. She then fills it with layer upon layer of soft feathers.

When the baby eagles arrive and start getting all comfy-cozy in the nest, do you know what the mother eagle does? Each day she removes a few more feathers until, finally, the nest becomes unbearable. She does this deliberately, knowing full well that unless she forces her little ones out of their comfort zone, they’ll never take that leap of faith. They’ll never know what it means to soar.

Well, finally the little eagles can take it no longer. They climb to the edge of the nest and look down into the giant chasm below. Their hearts are gripped with fear, but what they’ve got is so bad, the unknown could hardly be worse. They mount their courage and take the leap of faith, realizing that their wings are completely untested. They have no skill, no experience, no backup plan. They have absolutely no cause for confidence.

The baby eagle continues plummeting toward the earth, and just when it seems all hope is lost the mother eagle swoops underneath her and allows her to mount up on her wings. For the first time in her life she knows what it means to soar. From that moment on, there’s no holding her back. She is free from fear. Confident.

Like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions.

                                                                                                               Deuteronomy 32:11

With such a great example who am I to question the passing of time and life's incredible journey.

I will trust in God to take care of me and my "eaglets" and pray as I set them free to let them soar.

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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You've raised wonderful children so you too have done your job well. Regardless of where they go, near or far, they will always have wherever you are to call home.

Debbie S. said...

I am getting closer to this moment with my 20 year old. I know in my heart that once God starts his music career, my time with him will be very limited.
Although we prepare them for this time, it's bittersweet.
I'm pretty sure this is why some people keep having kid after kid. That way, by the time the very last one leaves, you for sure have grandkids to look after and you never feel the pain of the empty nest.

Debby Ray said...

You're killing me here..sniff, sniff...what sweet family memories! This sounds so much like my life! My oldest lives about 2 miles from us, we see his and his boys often, he is our personal mechanic, etc. Well, my youngest son who is 31 went to college in Nashville and I will never forget the day we drove off and left him there. He met the love of his life there. Graduated college, started working and got married all in a few months time and is still there 9 years later :( I don't mean to say this discourage you...unfortunately it happens...especially hard when they have babies :( You know what though, it has not been as hard as I thought it would be. Through the years we have been able to see each other about every 3 months or so and has given us a cool place to go on vacation! They also meet us at our cabin fairly often.

Regardless, God works it out but we do miss them.

Linda W. said...

I know exactly how you feel. My daughter (my youngest child) just graduated from college in June. She got lucky and was offered a job in a town a hour and half away. Although I was happy for her, I'm also sad that she won't be home for summer break anymore. Yes, it's hard when your kids finally grow up and go out into the world. Hang in there! :)

Lee Ann said...

I'm a fairly new reader to your blog. I like it a lot. Photos are beautiful and I love cats. What kind of bible do you have, with the passages highlighted like that?
Keep up the good blogging

Lee Ann from NC

BTW-my dh and I are huge Notre Dame fans. So even though your Tide rolled over us we will be back!!

Leave It To Davis said...

Oh, sweet Lisa. There was a song by Eric Anderson from the 70's...."oh, Jesus, I'm falling...falling please...please see where I me to get around the next bend...and if you can't save me please...then please send a friend...someone who's been there and come back again." It's called Round the Bend. The reason this comes to mind is I was feeling exactly what you are feeling 4 years ago when my son was graduating from high school and was leaving. I thought my world was falling apart. I posted so many posts about it, crying as I wrote them and posted pictures of him and his brother.(Unfortunately, I deleted all my old posts back in March) My older son went to one year of college, then quit and moved in with his girlfriend. They just got married this past month. That's really irrelevant. What I am wanting to tell you here is that you and your hubby will reconnect. You will find out that you have spent so much time with your sons that you have forgotten what it was like just being the two of you. It's wonderful to have that back again. It's like my hubby and I are just married all over again after 40 years of marriage...yes, we JUST now have an empty nest. Our last son left this past month. But he had really been pretty much absent since his brother left because he worked so my hubby and I reconnected and we are BEST friends again! I know you THINK you will really miss your kids...and you will miss them some...but it's a whole new chapter of life and it's wonderful! Embrace it. You'll find it has many rewards.'s a virtual tissue. Let me wipe your eyes. :) Now smile that big smile we all love!

Lisa Tucker said...

Hey Lee Ann!! I'm so glad you are a reader of my blog...:))) And thank you for the compliments. My Bible is the NIV Rainbow Study Bible. I love it so much! The color coded sections are different, God, Family, Witnessing, Prophecy etc. But that is not all that I love about it...I tried to read the King James version and just had a hard time with it and now that I have this Bible I read it all the time and so much enjoy it! I think you have inspired me to do a post about thanks...maybe I will do one today or tomorrow. Have a great Sunday....oh yeah....and Roll friendly competition though....:)))))

Lisa Tucker said...

Leave It To always say the sweetest things!!! The song sounds wonderful and you know just what to say. My husband and I do look forward to having more "us" time now because we are best friends. You might should feel sorry for him because now he will get ALL of my attention. Hey honey.....whatcha doing?....whatcha doing now?...what about now? Thanks for the virtual tissue....Hugs............Lisa

Art and Sand said...

It was hard when our son went away to college (no cell phones then) and he really was out of our daily lives. Fast forward to last Friday night - the "pre" party to his 20th high school reunion. We asked if he wanted to have people over for more intimate conversation. He of course put it on facebook. Our yard was filled with kids we remembered from pre-school days and it made us grin from ear to ear. Our son is now living near us and we LOVE getting to know him as an adult and are having so much fun.

Change is just that and soon there is a new norm.

Have fun with the next stage.

My Maine Blog said...

I still get that way too's hard to think of our kids...not really being our kids anymore. What will warm your heart in the coming years is when they will call you when they need your advice, or ask your opinion, or are sad or troubled and just need to talk to someone or to vent. That's when it makes you feel good even though they are far away. I would give anything to have my two kids close to home but phone calls and once every year or two we get a week together. You made me cry cause today has been an especially difficult day with lots of tears ...a phone call my daughter when she got off the phone with her father who is very ill, getting weaker and sicker by the day fighting a hard battle with Cancer. She is fearful that she won't see him again and just wanted to talk. So at least I know I am still needed in some small way just to be here when they need us and letting go is the hardest thing to do. We all get through it somehow. Love and Hugs

Liz said...

I feel your ache from one mother to another! I had a hard time when my kids left and I knew it was for good. Especially when my daughter joined the Army and was miles and miles away. Your sons sound like great guys! I am sure someday they will marry great women and give you lots and lots of grandkids!!!

Lisa Tucker said...

My sweet Maine....thank you again for your comforting words. I know God has a plan for my boys and that will include seeing their dear old mom..:) I'll say a prayer for your sad for her....but thank goodness she has you. Love and hugs and prayers....