Thursday, February 13, 2014

She Thought He Was Cute..

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I would share this story I wrote last year about my true love.

He was in history class, I was in study hall.

There was only a plastic, accordion, temporary wall between us.

Luckily for me it never closed completely.

There was a gap and I could see him from where I sat.

He was in the tenth grade, I was in the eighth.

I don't think he knows I'm alive but I've had a crush on him since the fifth grade.

He catches my eye, I look away.....I don't want him to know I was staring.

I look back up.....he's still looking my way.

He moves his lips and is saying something.

I look all around he talking to me?

I look back at him.

I need to ask you something after class....he says.

My mind is blown.

He is going to talk to me?

He is going to talk to me!

I wonder what it is?

The bell rings....I can't breathe.

He walks over to where I'm standing nervously shifting from foot to foot.

I don't know what to do with my hands.

He is so cute with his brown, curly hair and brown eyes.

Do you want to go with me to the basketball game?...he asks.

It will be two other couples going also....he said.

I'm speechless for a moment.

A million thoughts are going through my head at once.

Other couples?.....he considers us a couple.... going out on a date?

I........I have to ask my Mom and Dad.......I stammered.

He says ask them at lunch and let me know...ok?

Ok........I float to our car where my sister is sitting waiting to drive us home for lunch.

I ask you think Mom and Dad will let me go to the basketball game with a boy?

She says....tell them I will be there also.

So I go inside and just play with my food.....too nervous to eat.

I'm running out of time.

My heart is beating so fast.

Mom, can I go to the basketball game with Shannon?  There will be two other couples going also.


You are too young.

But......I say. the answer.

I'm devastated.

I go back to school with a heavy heart.

I tell him.

He says...ok.....maybe later.

I will never forgive my Mom and Dad.

Will he ever ask me out again?

The answer is yes.

We are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

He is my best friend.

He is my heart.

He is the father of my children.

He is my world.

I love you Shannon!


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Old Time Cindy said...

Farmhouse hugs,

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been married 42 years!! We met in college.

Yours is a great story.


Leave It To Davis said...

That's the sweetest story I ever to my own and my brother....he met his wife when she was in the 6th grade....they started dating when she was in the 7th....he was in the 9th...he could drive (in Texas you could drive at 15 back in 1968). He could barely see over the steering a matter of fact, he had to sit on pillows. lol They started a paper chain to count the days til they got married when she graduated from high school. They removed a link every day. They have been married for 40 years now. So have I, but I met my hubby while working at the Dairy Queen summer of my senior year. Wasn't just a baby when I spotted him....I was already 16. woo weee. lol

I hope you and your prince charming have at least 50 more years of wedded bliss. :)

sweetvintageofmine said...

Beautiful LOVE STORY! It was meant to be.....he waited! Happy Anniversary! Blessings~~~Roxie

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Pamela! Sounds like your love story is a special one also...:)
Have a great day!!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Leave It To Davis!!! Wow..your brother's story is amazing!! Sounds like it should be a movie! My husband is the only man I have ever dated or even kissed...aww...sweet huh? When you meet the right one you just know it! And you and your husband must have been meant to be also...great story!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Roxie!!! All of my friends said "you should date others so you will know if this is real"...but I knew already. You are so sweet to leave a great comment! Have a great day!

Holly said...

What a sweet story. Where does the time go, huh?

Tete said...

Awe- that is so sweet! Happy Anniversary! So glad he asked you out again!

Sarah Adams said...

Sweet! My anniversary was on Saturday. 17 yrs and we were high school sweethearts! Congratulations!

Laura@OurWeeFarm said...

oh gosh! that was just lovely! xx

Debby Ray said...

What a sweet story...Happy Anniversary!

Willow said...

Aww I am catching up on posts ...this one has me smiling ear to ear.
Sorry I missed saying it on the day but ...Happy Anniversary and many more. :)

Lisa Tucker said...

Aww..thanks Willow! I hope you have a great day!!!

Brittney Harvell said...

So sweet!

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you Brittney!!! So glad to see you here...:) :) :) :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Happy Anniversary, Lisa and Shannon!!

Leave It To Davis said...

This was definitely worth a repost. Such love comes but once in a lifetime. Makes me think of the song One Day Less....

Happy anniversary baby
The years are rushing by us
Your more beautiful today
Then we walked down the aisle
And I know I'm not good at this
What I'm trying to say is
Having you stand beside me
Has made my life worth while

One true friend is what you've always been to me
One true friend is what I always wanted to be
To have someone love you
That's true happiness
May you live to be a 100
May I live one day less

There were times when we scraped by
A year or two and it was rough
I love you more for what we went through
And never stopped believing in us
And I know I'm one of the lucky ones
I couldn't ask for anything more
Cause you can have all the money you'll ever need
And spend your life looking for

One true friend is what you've always been to me
One true friend is what I always wanted to be
To have someone love you
That's true happiness
May you live to be a 100
May I live one day less

I couldn't live without you
If I had to be alone
I'll be waiting on the other side
When you find your way home

To One true friend is what you've always been to me
One true friend is what I always wanted to be
To have someone love you
That's true happiness
May you live to be a 100
May I live one day less

And that is my anniversary wish for you both. :)

Lisa Tucker said...

I love it Leave It To Davis!! Will definitely use it on our Anniversary! 30 years in June! The song is perfect! Thanks!

Debby Ray said...

I do remember this from before....such a sweet love story! I also remember I told you he looked like Peter Brady! lol! Happy valentine's Day, sweet friend!