Saturday, June 8, 2013


Well you may as well get use to me saying's hot!

Yes, already.

I was determined not to use mulch this year because I'm trying to save some money but....

I couldn't stand it.

So I did purchase some and put it out the other day.

Did I mention that it was hot?

Millie was my only helper that day.

She absolutely loves when I get the shovel out.

She will follow me anywhere when I have that shovel.

But the rest of the crew............

Looked like this...

They tried to find shade and a cool patch of dirt.

Except Sambo.....she was born to supervise.

It was so hot this was my lunch...

And if you know me then you know it was H   O    T!

Because I love to eat....:)

Speaking of eating...

A friend of ours gave us this cabbage.

It's huge!!!!!

Cabbage soup, boiled cabbage, steamed cabbage, slaw, cabbage rolls, BBQ cabbage?

You get the point....

We gonna be eating up some cabbage.....yum yum!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Barbara F. said...

First, I love your header photo, what a FABULOUS chicken coop. Funny, but my mom's nickname was Millie and my dad's was Sam, also known as Sambo by some family members. lol xo

Lynn said...

You are one smart cookie, Lisa ~ better to spend on mulch and hold the weeds and watering down. Is it HOT there yet?

Leave It To Davis said...

lol....I'd be like your kitty and find me some cool dirt....why does the chicken like the shovel? That's too funny! Do you scoop out chicken feed with a shovel?

Lisa Tucker said...

Hey Leave It To Davis...thanks for stopping by and commenting...:) The chickens love the shovel because I will dig in the ground and help them find worms. I will have to post a video soon...they are so funny about it. I hope you have a wonderful week!