Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Typical Afternoon

Well if you don't think I live an exciting life then I'm going to prove you.....right.

This is a very typical day in my life.

My husband gets home from work and needs help moving shooting houses.

I try to hide, get real busy while not looking at him, volunteer to help.

So off we go in "Tebow" (the name of our old green truck because it's so tough).

It's hot... people....we passed by the bank at 5:30 and it was 100 degrees!!

I forgot I had my camera or I could have taken a picture of it.

This was not a glamorous job.

It's a good thing he had me there to help!

I was a great helper, a little help, no help at all.

You know help is a word that doesn't look or sound right after you say it a, help....doesn't that look weird?

Anyway.....I did stoop down and tell him whether there was a snake under the house or not.

See.....I helped.....oh and I found my camera and took these snazzy, dazzy pictures.

One time he was in quite a bind with the house....he had his arms full and was trying to get it on the trailer.  I thought I saw a tail and I said I think I see a tail and  there was nothing he could do at that moment and I thought I heard him say a curse word so I told him it was a lizard.......but I'm not sure it was.

See....I help.

And  F.Y.I   horseflies don't care if you are not a horse.  Only if you eat like a horse, smell like a horse or sweat like a horse.

Pure evil.....and yes that's inside the truck....and yes it's one of least.

Now here's the good news.....

while my husband was working so hard I was taking photos of flowers weeds.

My very strong and smart husband got everything loaded.....ahem...with my help...(blush)

Can't you just hear the sounds?  He's like......ugg...grunt....aaggg...whew...

And I'm over there in lala land.....lalalala....oooohhh...pretty flowers....lalala


And they drove off in the sunset and lived happily, ever least she did....:)

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Susannah said...

Great post...made this old girl laugh!!!!!! Such a nice wife to help hubby!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Well we were meant for birthin the kids and they were meant for all the heavy lifting.

My Maine Blog said... funny friend...but far from a typical day that's for sure. How many women do you know that would go out in that heat with all those horse flies...yuck... and offer to do what you know...take pretty pictures. You are a HOOT...and your flowers are gorgeous. Those would make a beautiful grouping of framed wall art. What a beautiful spot with wildflowers. I especially love the queen anne's pretty...."so many pretty flowers, lalala". :) Thanks for your comment on my blog...we didn't quite finish...just came in, took a nice shower and tomorrow we will finish it. I really don't like it much though...having a big brown mulch thingy in the middle of our backyard just doesn't look too great but sometimes you just gotta' give in to nature...two days ago we had to dig up our two Rose Of Sharon trees...the deer decimated guess I'm stuck with a big brown mulch thingy until I can add some low growing ground cover and some flowers or something...not sure what to do with it but that will have to wait til' next summer. Have a good night...I'm off to rustle something up for a quick supper.

Lisa Tucker said...

Thank you my Maine...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...:)...lalala. Now let's see.......what can you do with a mulch bed? hmmmm......flag pole in the middle? bottle tree?..the deer can't eat Sorry...I'm no help....:)))) Have a great evening.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You are so right about the horseflies. We have one particular place at the top of our drive where they wait and attack my car every time I back down to the garage.

Holly said...

What's a shooting house? Do you sit in there and shoot at things? What kinds of things are you shooting at? Is it like a duck blind? Why are you moving them? Do I need a shooting house? These are the things I need to know.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Haha this is too funny! I'm just like you; I'd be over there taking photos of the pretty wildflowers :)

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Perfecto! Laughed n nodded the whole way through! Loved hearing the way you approached helping hubby (just like me) and also the shots from the wedding and smiles posts... I always enjoy my visits with you here. THANKS for ALL the SMILES!

Finding Fifth said...

I am with Holly. What is a shooting house? I am pretty sure they don t exist in Australia where we do not shoot birds.

daisy said...

Ha! I can hear the lilting music in the background as you snap photos and your poor hubby is workin' himself to a frenzy. Ah well...

Willow said...

Hee hee I was back peddling through your blog and found this ... too funny.

Lisa Tucker said... poor husband...:)