Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here's Your Sign

Do y'all remember this?
Bill Engvall and his "Here's your sign" jokes about stupid things that you do.
Well I've got one for you today....
shocked aren't you (sarcasm)..
Embarrassing work moment #5...........I was paying bills. This particular bill had an "important"

stamp at the bottom of the page and the stamp said.."send remittance to" and then right under that it

 had foreign language

 words and a Tennessee address. So I carefully copied the foreign language words and made my
check out to them but I decided I better call and make sure it went to someone with a foreign
language name. So I called the number at the top of the page with the company name not in a foreign
 language and I repeated to the girl what was written and I asked was I suppose to send my check to
the foreign language name. I told her the language looked French but I didn't know. I could tell she
 was trying to keep from laughing and she said "Well I don't know much Spanish but I do know what
 this says....(and I'm already thinking....darn the language wrong) and I ask what does it say?
 And she said "Under the words "send remittance to" it says in Spanish.........."send remittance to" so
 no...don't write your check to "send remittance to".... Oh I could feel her smiling all the way through
 the phone. So I'm sputtering..well you can see how confusing that is and she is saying yes, yes...that
is confusing (smirk).
#Shannonshouldreallyscreenhisemployeesbetter   #theonlylanguageiknowiscountryredneck
The End
Now we can all say it together........
Here's your sign!!!


Willow said...

Ahhahaha ~
No habla Espanol ?
Actually that's
about all I know how to say in Spanish ( after a year of taking in in High School~ but I bet you were impressed for a minute huh however I can speak fluent Pig Latin , Chickeneese, and Bull ;)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Here's you sign...too funny...Lisa you always make me laugh and or smile when I read your therapy is just what a girl needs...I hear you're in tight with the boss...a clothing allowance must have been in your the fine print!...I mean a girls gotta look good when showing those mighty fine four wheelers!!! Greetings from Maine...

Carla from The River said...

You are so fun. I just love you for making us smile.

Gail said...

I am glad I am not alone in those glorious moments.

I fell off the porch this week...I think somewhere in that story is a "Here's your sign".

Have a great weekend.

Liz said...

lol...sometimes its the simplest things that trip us up!

Terri said...

Too funny!