Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lesson Learned.....

Yesterday I went was lured to my parents house with the invitation to eat a fresh vegetable supper.

It was delicious.

But.....then the real reason I was asked to help hand tin up to the roof to my brother and son, who 

were helping to put a new roof on my parents house.

This is what I learned from yesterday.

Things I found out yesterday........

1. Tin is not your friend. It will cut your hand, leg and head off. #unfriendtin

2. If you have greasy, sweaty unwashed hair you may have to go to the ER.#didn'tgo #hadgreasysweatyhair

3. After taking a close up photo of my hand I realize my hand and fingers are as fat as the rest of me #sausagefingers #mostlyLittleDebbiesfault

4. Prayer and Little Debbie's can fix anything. #needtobuyanotherbox#mayhaveoverdosed

5. If hubby is ever concerned or sympathetic I need to go straight to the hospital because I am surely dying. #unconcerned #unsympathetic


It really is much better today.

I don't think I'm going to die...:)

Just knew you would want to know about my exciting day. 

#mylife  #likewatchingpaintdry  #itisbadwhenthiswastheexcitementoftheweek

Have a great 4th everyone!!!!

Be safe!!


Liz said...

OUCH! That sends shivers down my back just looking at it! Hope a weekend of rest and box of Little Debbies makes it all better! Take care!

Country Gal said...

OUCH !! That hurts I have done that years ago and now from it I always wear gloves when working with raw materials like wood, steel, tin etc ! Hope it heals soon ! Have a good day and rest up !

Country Gal said...

P.S love your header !

Debby Ray said...

Looking at it makes those muscles in my butt ache (does that happen to you when you see squeemish stuff?...just wondered) You are such a funny, funny girl...and if you really ate all of those little Debbie's, you'd be bigger than a house! Glad your finger is better today and, no, your fingers do NOT look like sausages either!

Poppy said...

Lisa, why is that I am LOL, when I SHOULD be concerned?!! You are just TOO funny...frightening, but funny! Glad you will live to make us laugh, learn, and remind us to always have shiny, sweet smelling hair and a life's supply of Little Debbie's...just in case!

Happy 4th, (of July, and finger!)


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Even in the midst of tragedy you find a way to bring smiles to our faces.
We hope you heal quickly ... Oh my! I hope your injury doesn't impair your blogging ability ... Oh wait! It shouldn't ... you blogged this post ...


Tete said...

Oh my gosh! That is not in a good place. Looks like it will be sore for awhile and hope you don't hit it on everything! Little Debbies will be there for you!
I think you need a case, just to make sure you don't run out of them!
And your old man made you sod with that? Honey, its time to put those peas up his nose!