Friday, May 23, 2014

Catching You Up!


Where to begin?

First I had a request to see my final selection of the dress I wore to the wedding in this post.

Out of 200 photos that I tried to take of me and the dress you only get to see one..

and it's because I'm almost hidden behind the table.

The colors I liked but it was a drapey mess. (what is going on with my hair?)

However I do like that my teeth look white.

I've been swishing my mouth out (don't swallow it) with hydrogen peroxide after I brush my teeth

and this stuff really works!

It sure beats paying a dentist hundreds of dollars.

Let's see...ummm.....what else has been happening?

Oh.....I've been trying to learn how to play tennis!


I hate being old, overweight and out of shape...:(

How do you get back in shape without hurting yourself?

Anyway....let's move on...or in my case limp on....

Did I tell you that my husband left his job that he was a part owner in for 33 years?

It's a long and complicated story that I may talk about one day but I just know

that God has a plan for us and we are on board for where he is leading us.

So......hubby is working in our shop for now....and I had to make me an office in college kid's room.

He is not happy about some of the changes that I have made.... like his bedding.

I just couldn't take the brown and ducks and deer.

He doesn't like the chevron ...heehee.

He doesn't even sleep in here when he is at home....he sleeps in the guest room with the big t.v.

Sambo seems to like it and she keeps me company.

Now some of you may remember that I tried to have my office in the laundry room.

That will not work because if for some reason someone had to come to my office and saw the

laundry room.........I would have to kill them.

I really tried to organize it but it never really worked out as you can see in this post.

I really like having my office seems private and cozy.

And if you think about it would you say a little prayer for my hubby and me?

That we will listen to the Lord and do his will.

I'm really excited about the new direction our lives are taking.

The only bad thing is it looks like I will be working full time away from home

if everything pans out for us and I won't be able to stay in touch with you wonderful

people as much.

I will sneak you in as much as possible....;)

So that should about catch you up with me and what's been going on lately.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

I'm not sure what we will be doing......

Breesy!!!!! these good people what we will probably be doing this weekend.

Yep......a whole lot of nothing.....:)

Hugs to you all!!!!!


Carla from The River said...

Our prayers!! Yes, I know what you mean, you want to hear God loud and clear. I am praying that for you and your hubby.

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Debby Ray said...

Lisa, believe me...I know exactly what you must be going through. Several years ago after 36 years of employment with the same company, they sold out and my hubby lost the job he thought he would retire from. He is now doing something he absolutely a group home and takes care of 6 special needs men...getting about 1/3 of the salary he used to get...BUT, did I say he LOVES it??? Yes! He really did not like the manufacturing world with all of the stress. His job is more of a ministry than an actual job...although it is! It was such a God thing! We never know what He has for us! We have struggled and still are but He is taking care of us! I will be praying for you and Shannon as you enter this new adventure in your lives! I noticed your blog isn't connected to your email anymore...if it ever was. If you want, you can email me :)

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

I've done the same thing trying out a new thing (for me) YOGA. So I went back to walking.
I hope everything works out for you and for your husband!

Liz said...

May God lead you and your hubby to the right path to go down. Exciting and scary at the same time! You two sure do make a great looking couple. Hope the leg heals quickly!

Country Gal said...

I think you look great , over weight "eyes rolling back" yeah ok what ever !! I like the photo of you and hubs very nice . Hey as long as you are happy and healthy who cares about the rest ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

I think the dress is beautiful. My favorite colors, and i know you were a stunning "hit" with the crowd! As far as changing careers/jobs/offices/ etc. . . God has good things coming. Hang in there and bless you for your positive attitude. You are a great example to many, many people who are undergoing changes these days.
God bless you and yours.

Old Time Cindy said...

Stoppin' in to see what you've been up to. Looks like a lot! I know everything will work out for you. Keep the faith!

Willow said...

I am sure the changes will eventually turn into blessings that are just in disguise right now , or at least just not apparent to the big picture just yet.
Hang in there my sweet friend and keep that beautiful sense of humor . I hear laughter and the lord are good medicine .
I'll say a little prayer for you.
I am sure the people at your work are going to be blessed by having you there more often , for right now .
Hugs ,

Linda W. said...

That is a great photo of you all dressed up for the wedding. And you have a wonderful smile. Good luck to you and your hubby. Major job changes are hard. Back in 1995 my husband quit his job and went back to school. I supported the family for four years. It was tough but my hubby got his degree and got a way better job. So it all worked out in the end, and I know it will for you too! Sending you a smile through the internet. :)

Tete said...

God knows your needs and he does have a wonderful plan for you both. I know change is scary and you are not sure where things are going to lead. Been there with my hubby's career change late in life. Just hang onto each other. He is what's important. Nothing else matters. Keep his spirits up so he doesn't slip into despair and keep the chickens fed.
Love the idea of having the office upstairs. Looks peaceful there.
Praying for both of you.