Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Weekend....Part two

Just so you know.....I realize these posts of family events are probably not that interesting to you.

 At the beginning of becoming a blogger I once worried that I wouldn't measure

up to the bigger, better bloggers........and I don'

But I finally figured out that this was more like a personal diary for me.

I love going back and reading old's like looking through a scrapbook.

I do dearly love your comments but I don't blame you if you have nothing to say on these family posts.

You are always kind and I thank you for that...

so stop reading now if you're not interested in another family outing...:)


Easter morning we always celebrate with my Mom and Dad and their church.

It's  a tradition to have sunrise service at a beautiful cemetery.

It's always so special.

Then afterwards me, my hubby and my boys go through Hardees drivethru

(my favorite part), get our breakfast and head out turkey hunting.

This hunting consists of my hubby stopping on the hunting land....he gets out of the truck...

he yelps (turkey talk)......and if he hears one they quietly get out of the truck and

get to hunting.

Did you notice I said they?

I bring books and a blanket and a pillow.....

I DID get up at 4:30 this morning....

I may take a quick nap while there are hunting.

Isn't that a lovely picture?

I try so hard to photograph my family in the very best way....

always making sure they look good.

And college kid gets this pic of me scratching my nose....uggg.


No luck with the turkeys...

We did find this interesting fungus....

I was afraid Monday's headlines would read..

"Local family is quarantined due to handling toxic fungus"

I may be an alarmist....

But the fungus was pretty....

Even though we didn't get a turkey I love this tradition that we do every year

as a family.

I tell you, it's tough sometimes being the only girl in this family.

They don't go shopping or to the nail salon with me so I have to do their "thing" to

spend quality time with them.

I don't mind.....I kind of like it.

And every now and then you manage to stumble upon a gem.

Last year I managed to capture this special photo...



Julie said...

Your fungus is pretty cool. It would make a great print on fabric. Maybe some scientist will say they found the cure to some disease with a pink polka dot fungus but they don't know where any more is, and you will save the day and show them where to find this fabulous fungus.

Liz said...

I think thats a great tradition! We used to have a sunrise service at the local golf course. Wish they wouldn't have quit. Glad that you tag along with the guys even if you dont hunt!

S Mason said...

Lisa, I love...LOVE reading all of your posts. I'm so glad I decided to come back to the blog world, I know what you mean about not being as good as... Which had alot to do with me leaving my old blog. BUT, I can't let that hold me down any more. You have awesome posts, always making us smile & laugh! And the pictures of all of yall are great!

Debby Ray said...

Awww...I love reading about your family because you make it sound so INTERESTING and FUNNY...and I feel like I know you! :) What a sweet tradition. It reminds me of the Easter weekend when we were up at our cabin a few years hunter son, Adam saw a turkey walking up the driveway, he shot it, he skinned it and we ATE it for Easter dinner, along with the turkey breast I had bought. It was YUMMY! Family tradtions are the best!