Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thank You For Coming To My Party..

Well you all know I had a pity party the other day and I'm so grateful that you showed up! know me well....I love a good party...:)

I can always depend on y'all to know just what to say!

You had me laughing and nodding my head and I felt like I had a good "sister" talk.

And anonymous.....I always love it when a "lurker" comes out of the!

And many of you suggested that I do those linky parties that I mentioned but...

did you not read where I was unorganized, lazy and a bad luck blogger?

I would not be good at hosting feel free to use my party titles.

I would LOVE to join some of these parties..:)

Some people might say your internet "friends" are not a real connection and a waste of time

but I know for a fact that is not true!

You matter a great deal to me!

And I was not knocking the "big bloggers".

Surely I enjoy looking at their beautiful blogs or I wouldn't torture myself  view their blogs so much.

Just like all of my wise and wonderful friends pointed out......God created us all unique and special!

Some just a little more

And speaking of God...

he's really good, you know?

Here I am feeling sorry for myself about a white kitchen, of all things, and then I go

on a 5 hour road trip with my Mom and Dad to see this precious angel.

I could almost hear him whisper...

"this is what matters"




not perfect homes...

or the ability to take a scrap of wood, and paper and spray paint  and come up with something

out of Better Homes and Gardens (how do they do that?)

Sorry...I'm off track...

And then on the 5 hour trip home my Mom and Dad and I talked about being Christians

and what we need to work on and how God wants us to be.

I felt so close to them and I know this ride was cherished time.

They are 78 and 76 and I know it is a blessing to spend this time with them.

And I know that this is what's important!

So now.....

just so you know that I always keep it real....

just before I went to bed last night 

I walked by my french doors and this is what I see....

Do you think any of the "big bloggers" have a slug problem?

I didn't think so......

I'm just "unique" like that....:)

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Terri Buster said...

Ok, ya killed me with the last shot...EWWW GROSS! But your new babe in the family is so sweet and a precious gift from God. Have a blessed Sunday and great week!

It's Just Dottie said...

I am unique too. When I was younger I I never seemed to fit. I'll always be different from the so called normal of this world! Praise be to God!
I am so happy to be just Dottie and I am so happy to meet you.

Laura Turner said...

You are SO right about family, relationships, friends, and God being the most important things in our lives. Keep reminding us of that. You have a gift with words. I was born crafty, my God given gift, and I could make dog poop look good. Really! I'm just that way.
I look at my blogging friends as pen pals. Some of us are far removed from our families or our parents have long sinced passed--too young--and we need each other. I think it really is possible to get close to people as we share our lives-even though it is online. My hubby of 29 years today and I established a huge part of our relationship through letter-writing as did so many in times past. I think e-mail and texting and blogging are replacing letter-writing and phones, but that's okay. We are still real people communicating with other real people. Thank you for this post. It's a great reminder of what is truly important in life.

Willow said...

You are wonderful , you know that right !
It was hot out yesterday ( I know Sept and New England is still HOT a bit humid , at least yesterday), so kicked my shoes off, went over to the shade and stepped on one of those huge slugs !! Whew odd feeling !!!! What's up with these sluggies being everywhere lately ~ sluggish party that night was probably a straggler lol
Oh my I can go on and on can't I.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hey Lisa, I love ya just the way you are...your blog always puts a smile on my face, now the slugs, not so much...what a lovely new baby...I could sit and rock an infant all day...just precious...Happy first day of Fall, sending hugs from Maine, Julie.

Debby Ray said...

Lisa dear,

I've only "known" your for the few months that I have had my blog and I feel like you and I connect on so many levels...even down our brown wooden houses and our slug problem. A few weeks ago I got up in the morning getting ready to make the coffee and when I walked up to the sink for the water, I stepped on this mass of cold slime and I knew right away what it was. There is no way to describe the face I made! How do those suckers get in the house???? Anyway, back to the sentimental stuff...I hope that we can meet each other one day in person. You was either my first or second follower and you encouraged me to keep it and to how link up to others. You know what's important in life and you make it very well known how much you love your God and your family. I DO thinks it's quite possible to make friends online. I still want to meet you, though so I can give you a hug :)

Linda W. said...

Wow - those look like Pacific Northwest slugs! :) There's nothing like a cute little baby to remind us all what's really important.

Theresa said...

Life is about people, not home d├ęcor and superficial things.
This past Wednesday my daughter texted me from her school bus to tell me that her old friend had committed suicide. She was only 15 years old. I have spent the last 4 days grieving for her family and thinking about what matters in life. I hope that it did not take a child ending her life to make me wake up to what is important. Your blog shows your love of family and nothing(except faith in Christ) is more important than that.

Thanks for being real.

Anonymous said...

You are just too funny. I LOVE your blog. I loved your garden supply hanger (I just throw my stuff on top of a pie safe in my back entry). While I've been know to throw a pity party or two myself, I think you should just have "ordinary" parties 'cause that's what most of us are the majority or the time. Oh, I have an extra ordinary moment occasionally, but most of the time I'm pretty ordinary and I like it that way. I had to laugh because I have the very same pink flowered shirt (isn't it comfortable?) and several bald chickens (so ugly that they're cute). I certainly don't want the pressure of having a perfect house and at 53 I know my body and clothing will NEVER look like a model again. I'm embracing my ordinary life and loving every minute. Sometimes I don't even brush my hair all day (although I do brush my teeth). You keep on blogging like you do and we'll keep on enjoying.

Craig said...

Your slugs are definitely keeping it real. When I start to question what am I doing of value for my Lord, I think of all the 'caring' I do for my family. You know all that fun, cleaning floors, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, flinging a dead rat with a shovel over the back fence. (We don't have neighbors behind us..just an empty 10 acres.) What matters are all those mundane little jobs. Every once in a while we get to hold a precious new baby, visit with fellow Christians, see a hawk soar and screech, or if I'm really lucky I'll see the geese fly over and hear them honking. Praise God for such a wonderful world He created. Pat McDonald

Farming On Faith said...

Oh my ~ grab the salt! LOL

W. Latane Barton said...

Lisa, that blog post was filled with so much that I had trouble keeping up. That baby is so beautiful! what a treasure. And, then just when I am feeling so warm and cozy inside (the baby thing, you know) there were those slugs! Oh lordy, girl. You know you can sprinkle them with salt and they melt. Just saying.

Laura Lane said...

Oh my, you've brought tears to my eyes of compassion and smiles, too.

I dropped by because I noticed that you're following me on Harvest Lane Cottage.

I smiled over your slugs. I live in the country and thought it was a snake! Slugs are ever so much better than snakes.

Your little darling is precious. More precious is that car ride with your parents. Oh to be able to talk about the Lord with my parents.

Blessings to you!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Awww, what a little cutie! Family is definitely what matters most. Slugs, eeeek!

PS - Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today :)

Tete said...

Look at all that hair, and not on your dad, either. What a sweet little soul. So glad you made the trip with your parents. And I am so glad so many people helped you over your pity hump. We are all unique and you just happen to be one who wears camo and pets chickens. There's nothing wrong with that. You know, my slugs only climb around each other like that when they are mating. Way to go girl! I think you posted slug sex. Now that's something you don't see every day...:)

Sarah Adams said...

The new baby is just precious! Having your mom and dad around to talk about the lord with is a great privilege! So thankful for mine.

About those ewwy my skin is crawling slugs. I was told by someone to mix dish detergent and water and spray along my porches I did and they went away. I have done it several times. Hioe you have a great evening.