Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank You!

As we wind down this year I'm so very grateful for so many things.

One of them is you.  If you read my blog thank you for stopping by.

And if you are one of my three, yes count them, three followers thank you so much.

Please feel free to follow...and comment...I would love to get to know who is checking out my blog.

I'm so thankful that people from all over the world can be linked by the internet and share a little of our lives. 

I know I so enjoy reading blogs from all over the world.

I hope you have a blessed 2013 and hope to hear from you soon.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry day after Christmas!

Well, Christmas was wonderful. 

 We visited with family, we ate well, we exchanged gifts, and we remembered the reason for the season.

We played with the dogs, we played on the ipad and we had a good time.

We had too much fun with the bearded hat....:)
We took our annual photo on the fireplace..
We made it safely through the bad weather and we were grateful.

And  today is the day after Christmas and it is cold and windy.

But that's is a relaxing day.  As much as I love Christmas I love the day after Christmas just as much.

Christmas has a little stress attached to it.....we hurry, we rush, we go to different family Christmases and we have to make sure we have food to take and presents to give.

  We take photos and eat and clean up paper and visit and it is wonderful but.....the day after stress. 

 We lie around in our pajamas for half the day.

  If you want something to eat check the refrigerator for leftovers or maybe cook spaghetti at 2:00.
Everyone takes a nap...
and enjoys being warm and cozy and lazy on the day after Christmas.

Have a merry day after Christmas....:)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some things I love about Christmas....

There are so many things about Christmas that I love.....

My boys are home....

Our wonderful church services today....

Christmas decorations...

Christmas cards on the fridge.....

Chicken ornaments from a friend....

PJ party at my Moms.....

Special little girls in Santa hats.....

Great friends dropping off plates of candy...

Mirrors reflecting....

Special ornaments...

Twinkling lights....

Family photos...

Spending time with family and friends....

These are just a few of my favorite things...

What do you love about Christmas?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

If I Were Rich

   If I were rich
the presents wouldn't end
not only for my family
but for all of my friends

      I'd buy friends with babies
some more time to sleep
and for nonblogging  friends
more time to creep

     I'd buy my young friends wisdom
 you only get with age
and my old friends..bad eyesight for others
are we on the same page?

     For my dieting friends
we could eat sweets with no gain
and running marathons for us
would suddenly seem sane

I'd buy our loggers
a brand new saw
and supper for our law
and for Sonya - Tim McGraw

   If I were rich
there'd be horses for everyone
Turkeys and big bucks
sportscars and mud tires
for those who love trucks

For parents of teens
We'd be all cool and hip
And for Alabama haters
National Championships

  I'd buy my Louisiana buddies
anything that they want
Because they are the best
How about an elephant?

  Don't forget my chicken loving friends
I'd buy chicken treats for all
Coops with Christmas lights
and a knitted chicken shawl?

But seriously we know
that we are already rich
money and things
are just a glitch

 When we love God
and Jesus is in our hearts
We wouldn't trade it for presents
in a million shopping carts

I pray that this Christmas
we love one another...we shine light in the world
we show love to a stranger
that we never forget...our most perfect present
God wrapped up so tenderly
and placed in a manger

I love you each and everyone and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

College Kids Are Hungry!

So I promised to tell you about "why my college kid makes me pull my hair out".  The following is my facebook story.

So Tanner said he was not coming home this weekend so when a friend of mine asked me to go to Meridian yesterday I went....I really needed to stay home and clean and buy some groceries to put in the ginormous refrigerator. Did I mention the ginormous refrigerator has had visitors? They walk in my kitchen and say "It .....doesn' then they laugh! I'm thinking ...
about naming him......what about William know the NFL player that's called the refrigerator.....or what about Hercules....Fifty shades of gray???.....I don't know...y'all help me.....anyway back to the story.....Tanner texted me while I'm in Meridian around 4 and said "I'm coming home tonight and bringing 4 guys with me.".......blink.......blink........aaaahhhhhh......we rush home (an hour and 15 minute drive)...I run by Walmart and buy groceries....slinging gravel as I turn in the drive. Clean, cook, clean, cook...throw all the Christmas stuff back in the storage closets that are in Matt and Tanners room..cats out...dogs out....chicken coop lights plugged in...stock Madea (fridge) with water, propel, tea, gatorade. They walk in and I'm like Hey boys (so cool and calm, like my house is always like this). I made the biggest pot of spaghetti that I had and 20 rolls and they mowed thru that like it was appetizers, 2 rotisseri chickens and 25 cookies that I had baked. They went out and came in around 4 a.m. and mowed thru the bread and chicken salad and chips that I had made for today. So I need to go cook....40 muffins.........2 large packages of chicken, loaded potato casserole, baked beans, and peas..........even with all the work....this makes my heart happy.......have a blessed Sunday....:)

                                                                 See Madea (fridge) creeping....

I really did love cooking for these boys.....and they were hungry!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Greatest Gift

It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown.  My heart hurts for those precious families.

I was thinking about a Christmas party my husband and I went to the other night and before the tragedy I would have been talking all about the Christmas tree or her beautiful house.  Which was beautiful and I will show you but what I really want to show you is a few of  the precious children that were there.

Aren't they adorable!

And their sister came in from a beauty pageant and she had won!

She is beautiful!

I wish I had taken photos of all the children that were there.  They were having a good time playing outside.

These three that I have shown were adopted by some amazing parents.  They went through a lot to be able to love and cherish these precious children.

Children are the ultimate gift from God.......and he gave us his most precious gift....his child.

So even as we carry on and enjoy our homes and our Christmas trees and presents let's not forget what to cherish and to be so thankful for God's greatest gift....Jesus.

Beautiful right?

Great friends in her beautiful kitchen.

She collects Nativity Scenes.......all unique.

I wish I had taken more pictures because she had many,many Nativity Scenes.

I couldn't resist one more picture of the two cuties....

Friday, December 14, 2012

Please Get Ready....

I Wish We'd All Been Ready

Life was filled with guns and war,
And everyone got trampled on the floor,
I wish we'd all been ready
Children died, the days grew cold,
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,
I wish we'd all been ready,
There's no time to change your mind,
The Son has come and you've been left behind.

A man and wife asleep in bed,
She hears a noise and turns her head, he's gone,
I wish we'd all been ready,
Two men walking up a hill,
One disappears and one's left standing still,
I wish we'd all been ready,
There's no time to change your mind,
The Son has come and you've been left behind.

Life was filled with guns and war,
And everyone got trampled on the floor,
I wish we'd all been ready,
Children died, the days grew cold,
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,
I wish we'd all been ready,
There's no time to change your mind,
How could you have been so blind,
The Father spoke, the demons died,
The Son has come and you've been left behind.

I pray that everyone is ready....noone left behind.

Salvation is free.....just John 3:16 and ask for forgiveness and for Jesus to come into your heart. Amen....


Please pray for the Newtown, Connecticut community....

The Refrigerator that almost ruined Christmas where do I begin?? Many things were happening while I was showing you the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Maybe I should just post my facebook story of  "My refrigerator quits at Christmas!"

So let me set the scene. I was gone all day yesterday and didn't get home until late. I open the freezer part of my refrigerator and everything is completely thawed out...not even cool at all.....same for refrig. side. So at nine oclock we take everything you know how much your refrigerator and freezer will hold?????? A LOT!!!! Throw most of it away....:( I had to sneak past the ch...
icken pen with about 42 eggs to take them in the woods to throw them away......(the chickens would have had a chicken fit if they had seen them after all the squawking they do when they lay them) Had all the doors open because of the smell and the cat came in and promptly got in one of the drawers that was laying on the floor and peed in it.....throwing it away also don't worry. The dogs ate very well and I cooked a huge batch of peas and butterbeans. Matt swooped in a gathered all of the meat that we thought was ok. Matt and Reid helped Shannon take the old but not very old stainless steel expensive piece of junk refrigerator out. I heard Reid say "has this made facebook yet?"....well here ya go. Merry Christmas to us.......:(
Refrigerator story part mom and I had to go to Mobile today but first I had to run by and pick out a new refrigerator.....stainless steel again? by side like we had?.....hmmmm.....bottom drawer freezer?...i like....back and forth ...up and down.....we gotta go.....this one? ok great!...head to mobile....come home........bohem...
eth ginormous sticking way out into my kitchen after it was put in place refrigerator....that I picked out.....I said..."uh oh"...that looks terrible and Shannon says quite loudly "well it's going to have to stay because I had to take the door off the hinges to get it in" we need a new bigger kitchen.....:(
Day 3
Good morning ginormous refrigerator.....have you seen my coffemaker???....oh it's beside you on the wonder i didn't see it. Hey Lisa....what color is your kitchen??....well it's mostly gray because that's the color of my ginormous refrigerator!...Why can't I do things like normal people???????
Day 4
I have decided the Ginormous refrigerator needs to have a womans name.....because we all know she is the hardest worker in the kitchen. But it's hard to come up with a giants name that is a woman. There's Big Momma but that's what Shannon calls me a lot.....and Big Bertha...If it was a man it could be Big Al...cause it's the big grey elephant in the else??? Chase suggested the Titanic.....maybe I should just stick with Hercules...Fifty Shades of Gray??.what do you think??? Any ideas??? Lol...I know this is just so important to you right here at Christmas...since you have nothing to do......:))))))
Day 5
Here she is......(i think I heard the horn on a big cruise ship)
Day 6
this was the real reason I bought one so big...
Day 7 (have you ever seen someone have so much fun with a refrigerator?)
Here Ye, Here Ye.....the ginormous refrigerator will from hence forth be called..............(drum roll)..........Madea!!!!! She's already sassing me...she said.."Why you putting them ole nasty chicken eggs in me....them things came out of a chicken's butt."..."that's nasty."...........;)
And that my friends, is the story of the ginormous refrigerator!
Tune in tomorrow for the story of  "Why I almost killed my college kid"

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas

(Sing along)

On the twelfth day of Christmas I will show to thee....

Twelve hours humming..

Eleven lights I'm lighting..

Ten toys I'm sneaking..

Nine ladies painting..

Eight stockings tilting..

Seven lights a shimmering..

Six hens a laying


Four stockings hung..

Three French Hens

Two boys I love..

And finally put up the tree...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11th

Almost over...

(Sing along)

On the eleventh day of Christmas I will show to thee..

Eleven lights I'm lighting..

Ten toys I'm sneaking

Nine ladies painting

Eight stockings tilting

Seven lights a shimmering

Six hens a laying


Four stockings hung

Three French Hens

Two boys I love

Some Santas but what about the tree

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th

(Sing along)

On the tenth day of Christmas I will show to thee

Ten toys I'm sneaking....

Nine ladies painting

Eight stockings tilting

Seven lights a shimmering

Six hens a laying


Four stockings hung

Three French Hens

Two boys I love

Some Santas but what about the tree

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9th

(Sing along)

On the ninth day of Christmas I will show to thee

Nine ladies painting.....

Eight stockings tilting

Seven lights a shimmering

Six hens a laying


Four stockings hung

Three French hens

Two boys I love

Some Santas but what about the tree