Thursday, December 20, 2012

If I Were Rich

   If I were rich
the presents wouldn't end
not only for my family
but for all of my friends

      I'd buy friends with babies
some more time to sleep
and for nonblogging  friends
more time to creep

     I'd buy my young friends wisdom
 you only get with age
and my old friends..bad eyesight for others
are we on the same page?

     For my dieting friends
we could eat sweets with no gain
and running marathons for us
would suddenly seem sane

I'd buy our loggers
a brand new saw
and supper for our law
and for Sonya - Tim McGraw

   If I were rich
there'd be horses for everyone
Turkeys and big bucks
sportscars and mud tires
for those who love trucks

For parents of teens
We'd be all cool and hip
And for Alabama haters
National Championships

  I'd buy my Louisiana buddies
anything that they want
Because they are the best
How about an elephant?

  Don't forget my chicken loving friends
I'd buy chicken treats for all
Coops with Christmas lights
and a knitted chicken shawl?

But seriously we know
that we are already rich
money and things
are just a glitch

 When we love God
and Jesus is in our hearts
We wouldn't trade it for presents
in a million shopping carts

I pray that this Christmas
we love one another...we shine light in the world
we show love to a stranger
that we never forget...our most perfect present
God wrapped up so tenderly
and placed in a manger

I love you each and everyone and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas


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