Friday, December 14, 2012

The Refrigerator that almost ruined Christmas where do I begin?? Many things were happening while I was showing you the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Maybe I should just post my facebook story of  "My refrigerator quits at Christmas!"

So let me set the scene. I was gone all day yesterday and didn't get home until late. I open the freezer part of my refrigerator and everything is completely thawed out...not even cool at all.....same for refrig. side. So at nine oclock we take everything you know how much your refrigerator and freezer will hold?????? A LOT!!!! Throw most of it away....:( I had to sneak past the ch...
icken pen with about 42 eggs to take them in the woods to throw them away......(the chickens would have had a chicken fit if they had seen them after all the squawking they do when they lay them) Had all the doors open because of the smell and the cat came in and promptly got in one of the drawers that was laying on the floor and peed in it.....throwing it away also don't worry. The dogs ate very well and I cooked a huge batch of peas and butterbeans. Matt swooped in a gathered all of the meat that we thought was ok. Matt and Reid helped Shannon take the old but not very old stainless steel expensive piece of junk refrigerator out. I heard Reid say "has this made facebook yet?"....well here ya go. Merry Christmas to us.......:(
Refrigerator story part mom and I had to go to Mobile today but first I had to run by and pick out a new refrigerator.....stainless steel again? by side like we had?.....hmmmm.....bottom drawer freezer?...i like....back and forth ...up and down.....we gotta go.....this one? ok great!...head to mobile....come home........bohem...
eth ginormous sticking way out into my kitchen after it was put in place refrigerator....that I picked out.....I said..."uh oh"...that looks terrible and Shannon says quite loudly "well it's going to have to stay because I had to take the door off the hinges to get it in" we need a new bigger kitchen.....:(
Day 3
Good morning ginormous refrigerator.....have you seen my coffemaker???....oh it's beside you on the wonder i didn't see it. Hey Lisa....what color is your kitchen??....well it's mostly gray because that's the color of my ginormous refrigerator!...Why can't I do things like normal people???????
Day 4
I have decided the Ginormous refrigerator needs to have a womans name.....because we all know she is the hardest worker in the kitchen. But it's hard to come up with a giants name that is a woman. There's Big Momma but that's what Shannon calls me a lot.....and Big Bertha...If it was a man it could be Big Al...cause it's the big grey elephant in the else??? Chase suggested the Titanic.....maybe I should just stick with Hercules...Fifty Shades of Gray??.what do you think??? Any ideas??? Lol...I know this is just so important to you right here at Christmas...since you have nothing to do......:))))))
Day 5
Here she is......(i think I heard the horn on a big cruise ship)
Day 6
this was the real reason I bought one so big...
Day 7 (have you ever seen someone have so much fun with a refrigerator?)
Here Ye, Here Ye.....the ginormous refrigerator will from hence forth be called..............(drum roll)..........Madea!!!!! She's already sassing me...she said.."Why you putting them ole nasty chicken eggs in me....them things came out of a chicken's butt."..."that's nasty."...........;)
And that my friends, is the story of the ginormous refrigerator!
Tune in tomorrow for the story of  "Why I almost killed my college kid"


Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

i love the name of your new fridge!

Lisa Tucker said...

haha..thanks...she is huge and I thought a mistake but now I don't know what I'd do without her.....:)