Monday, June 30, 2014

My Blog Writing Process - A Blog Tour

A week or so ago my good friend and fellow blogger Debby Ray from My Favorite Things

contacted me about joining in on a blog tour.

She would feature me and I would answer 4 questions and then I would pass the torch

to someone else.

My first thoughts were NOOOOOOO!!!  I am the worlds worst procrastinator and if you

give me a deadline I can barely function.

But I love her so what was I to do?

So I worried and worried and wrung my hands and couldn't watch t.v. because "I had a deadline" and 

I couldn't concentrate on Quick Books because "I had a deadline" and my husband would say let's go 

somewhere and I would say NO...I've got a deadline!

So here I am after having a full week to do this, I am just starting this post and it's Friday Saturday!!!!

To make matters worse I didn't let my poor friend that I picked to go after me know anything until today!

She was like "ummm....sure......can I have a little time to get my links together for you?"

Sweat popped out on my forehead and I was like "uhhh.....sure."

Now if you do not know my friend Debby Ray from My Favorite Things at just take a look at this.

Is that not beautiful?!!!

This is her own photography!


isn't she the cutest?!!

Please visit will not be sorry.  I stumbled upon her blog when she made her very

first post.  I couldn't believe that she had already figured out how to make the cutest

header I had ever seen!!  And then I read her fabulous post with her fabulous photos!!

You will all be as smitten as I am.

 I am sure of it!!

Okay, so here is the first question:

Ha! This piece of course!!  Nothing else is in this head but finishing this assignment!

I am NOT a person that thinks ahead.  

I never have blog posts ahead of time just sitting and waiting to be posted.

I blame it on my medical condition......couchitis.

So next question!

First, I'm pretty sure I don't fit in any category out there.  

My genre is unorganized, messed up, I Love Lucy-ish, embarassing, moments in my daily life.

I actually had a blog party host tell me she featured me because she said "who in the

world would put a picture like this on her blog?"

And that was a good day....:)

I'm always confused about sharing my posts in  blog parties because the titles are usually like

Monday's Show and Tell

Tuesday's Terrific Kitchen

Wednesday's Wardrobe

Thursday's Summer Parties

Friday's Food Recipes

Do I post the above photo to Wednesday's Wardrobe?????


I need parties like.....






Now those are parties I could participate in!

I did have friends to suggest me hosting these parties.....pshhhhh....

do you not know me?

I am typing this assignment at the 11th hour!

Do NOT put me in charge of anything!

Moving on....

Now that's a great question.

  Many times after I push "post" I think "why in the world would I share that?"

And for awhile I really thought about giving it all up because I knew I didn't compare with

most other bloggers.

But then one day I sat down and started reading my old posts.

It was like reading my diary with photos!!

I loved how it brought that certain day right back to my memory!

So now I really post for has made me really enjoy blogging again.

I wake up.

Haha...that's it.

I wake up and start my day.......

usually something crazy, wacky or embarrassing

happens on most days.

I will then turn my life lessons into stories or maybe just  list  my "knowledge" to share with y'all.

For example...


                                   Ten Things That I Know

1.  I don’t want to live in a world without sunshine.
2.  One step forward and two steps back will get you nowhere.
3.  Black yoga pants are responsible for me gaining weight.
4.  Cold and wet weather are responsible for me gaining weight.
5.  I will blame others for me gaining weight.
6.  Biscuits and syrup are a great couple.
7.  If your C-section scar is deep and wide and you didn’t have a C-section then you may need          to diet.
8.  Having skinny friends is like being friends with fish----they like the ocean, the river and any        pool of water that you have to wear a bathing suit.
9.  Fried fish is good.
10. Your belly should not hang out the leg hole of your bathing suit.

I also have quite the imagination....

I have a soap opera series about my chickens,

Rod Stewart and the Kardashi-hens

and my other chickens called

You should tune in sometime!

But even with all the wackiness in my life I still get to enjoy God's creation and all of it's beauty

and I do enjoy sharing that also.

So there you have it....

you now know that I am a little loco....heehee

and if you need further proof then follow my blog...:)

Now......if you would like to follow a completely sane and totally awesome blogger

I will introduce to you Debbie from A Million Skies!

My Photo

She is so cute too.....why are ALL of you so pretty?...:)

I really need some tips.

Her blog is like a breath of fresh air.

A Million Skies

Just look at that header!!

She shares the best recipes, the most inspirational posts and just look how cute her home is...

Here are the links to some of her favorite posts....

hurry on over there and check her out!!!

You will love her....I promise....:)

Debbie's post will be up Monday, July 7

I can't wait to read about her blogging process!!

So thank you if you made it ALL the way through this very long post.

I love my readers and I hope some new ones dropped in to visit.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Do They Cope?

I've had a lot of important things on my mind lately...


how sorry I feel for people with flat stomachs.

How do they cope with life?

How do they prop up their books when they are reading in bed?

Do they get ANY enjoyment from a carnival or fair?

Do animals and children lay all over them because they are so soft and squishy?

What keeps their laps warm in the winter?

Do they just drink coffee by itself?

And a great thing is that your belly button gets so deep that you could hide things in there.

"ANYBODY HAVE A PEN?....hey thanks...where'd you find that?"

You just smile and shake your head at the poor, little

flat bellied creatures.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Great Way To Spend Father's Day!

Still working hard around here....I barely get to peep outside much less take photos of what's been
happening.  What's been happening you ask?  Nothing...nada....boring Quickbooks...aaaaahhh!!
So here is a post of what we did last  Living in the past already......sigh......hope you enjoy.

Well I'm back!

We had a great little family vacation.

We rented a cute little house in a cute little town on the Bay.

It had a wonderful view.

We took a ride on my brother's boat.

We swam a little....

We fished a little....

We floated down the lazy river....

We sat in the chairs....

We played some games....

We ate.....

Some one forgot their sunscreen.....

And we wore no makeup.....

Did I say we ate a little....

We watched the birds early in the morning....

We marveled at this pine tree with it's arm around the oak tree....

They're in love.....

We took cute photos...

We had a great Father's Day.....

My Dad will not look at the camera or he is talking....

We had a great family vacation!