Sunday, January 31, 2016

What's New in 2016

First up hello!!!
I have missed y'all!
Did I tell you my sweet husband got me some more chickens for Christmas?
This camouflaged beauty came to me named Rosie but I may have to rename her.
This beauty I have named Adele.
I think it suits her....:)
And then some friends surprised me with this guy!!!
A frizzle!!!
I did not need another rooster but who could turn him away?!
Russell Crow is not happy about it!
I thought and thought about a name for the new rooster.
I knew he reminded me of someone...............................................Marty Stuart!!!
And the best part of new hens..........
beautiful eggs!!! And some of them blue!
And of course the puppies, the puppies, the puppies!!
14 puppies will keep you very busy!!
I received a phone call from a photographer who wanted to take photos of
my sweet little bunch.
Our first road trip.....
Even though they peed all over her studio and tore down all of her backdrops
and tried to wrestle the camera strap out of her hands she took some incredible photos.
My heart is breaking a little today because 6 of my babies went to their forever home this weekend.
But I'll always have these photos and I'm so grateful.
But all in all life is as usual for "Lisa"...:)
My sons are good, work is busy, hubby is still putting up with me
and God is in control.
I hope each of you have a wonderful week!