Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gone With The Wind

Haha...Tanner and I looked like a scene out of a movie....we were sitting in the living room listening
 to the gale force winds and rain when we heard a crash up...stairs....
Tanner runs up and yells hurry...i get up there and the window has fallen..yes the entire window.
It seems that someone (mebutdonttellthem) didn't snap the window in place after hanging the
Christmas decorations (whoamIkiddingtheyknowI'mtheonlyonethatdoesthatkindofwork).
(upper right window is the one that fell)

 Anyway rain is pouring in and Tanner is trying to get the window back in place and I'm running
around grabbing towels to mop up the floor.
  The animals are terrified so they are all under our feet and we are tripping over the boxes of
Christmas decorations that I did not use (someoneforgottoputthemup)
 We clean up that disaster and I look out the window and it looks like a river pouring into the chicken
 coop. I put on my royal blue superman boots and grab my flowered umbrella with the bent tip
because I slammed it in the door and head into the storm.
  Leaves had built up in the fence and the water was directed into the coop.
 I slosh my way in with eight wet chickens at my feet because they wanted breakfast! 
To get them out of the way I slosh my way to the food and try to lure them back in the coop.
I can't even see because it's raining so hard and the river is still flowing inside the pen.
 The wind is blowing my umbrella inside out, my boots are sinking in the mud, thunder is rumbling 
but I successfully redirected the water away from the coop!!
I felt like Scarlett  O'Hara ....from Gone with the wind.
I felt strong and raised my fist to the storm and I'm feeling triumphant and I'm saying
My chickens shall never go hungry again!!!!
and then poof........
it all stopped.  No wind....no rain.
  If I had waited 10 minutes (to save the chickens) I would not have even gotten wet....:
.....Oh well as Scarlett said "I'll think about that tomorrow...
The End
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Debby Ray said...

...a day in the life of Lisa Tucker...you are your own source on entertainment :) Love it! And Merry Christmas too! ♥

Michelle said...

Quite the adventure! I must say it all sounds like something that would happen at my house!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Lisa, your home is so pretty. I love the curb appeal.
Merry Christmas,

Poppy said...

Another daredevil day in the life of a chicken loving chic!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you my fearless friend!

All the very best in 2017!