Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make Your Mornings Count

How can I forget this so easily?
As you know I've gone from a full time stay at home wife to a full time working
in our new business wife.
I'm not going to lie to's hard.
I have days of excitement at our new venture and happiness in working
with my husband and one of my sons.
And I have days of thinking that my dream, my personal dream, was just
the opposite of what I am doing now.
My slow, simple, chickens and chores and clothesline and canning seem to be a thing
of the past.
I say over and over to myself "it's not about me, it's not your year".
I feel selfish even brooding over it  because my husband has worked
so hard his entire life and I was able to stay home and raise our boys.
So we work hard....we leave home early in the morning and we come
home late in the evening.
Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful to even have this wonderful
opportunity to have our own business and like I said I get a wonderful
satisfaction in putting that key in the door every day.
And one day I hope for a little more balance in my life to enjoy the things
I loved doing at home also.
"It's not about's not my year." (my mantra)
We have been incredibly blessed because we have had a great 10 months
in business so far.
But the last month slowed down quite a bit and it tends to make you nervous when
even during the "good" times it's hard to make a new business work.
The past few months I have been so busy that I let the most important things slide a little.
I've been out of my morning habit of reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord
and saying my prayers.
And I knew this was most of the reason that I have been feeling so stressed lately.
So two days ago I vowed I would start my morning off right!
Why am I always surprised by God?
Like I said before.....we have been slow in business for the last month.
Two days ago I get back to my daily habit of morning prayers and worship.
And yesterday a power ball lottery winner (80 million) came into our business
and bought not just one but two of our units! (atvs and utility vehicles)
Then the sweet couple left a $100 for all of us to buy lunch with!
And that same day we sold several other units!!
And today we were extremely busy and a NFL football player walked through
the door and was looking at an ATV and said he would be back to buy real soon!!
After that three more people came in and bought units from us!
You never know when God will feed five thousand with five loaves and two fishes,
when He will part the Red Sea or
when he will send a rich man and an athlete your way!
I am not telling you this to say I had anything to do with this....
I am telling you this in order to give God all the glory!!!


KathyB. said...

Oh Lisa, you're so right. God is good to us all the time !I am thinking you might have posted the very same sentiments even if you had not sold those units that day . But, God is so good to us , praise Him !

Latane Barton said...

God is good, that's for sure.

Elaine Lewis said...

Life has a way of throwing us curves. I wish you the best on this new journey with your family. Hang in there.

Diana Ferguson said...

Loved reading this post! God is faithful. Hang on....